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Usage Aided Design PowerPoint Presentation
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Usage Aided Design

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Usage Aided Design - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Usage Aided Design
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  1. Usage Aided Design INFORMATION and COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES, New SMART DEVICES and SERVICES:The COUCOU Platform in MINATEC IDEAs Laboratory Philippe Mallein – Usage Aided Design– November 2004

  2. Usage Aided Design The research/industry context at Grenoble Example : Minatec Ideas Lab Target the good investments in research and development Usage Assisted Idea Generation SHS (usages) Micro-nano technologies and systems software Brand’s image around the innovation HP CNRS MINATEC FT LUCE CEA INRIA CLIPS INPG XEROX Networking UJF MULTICOM IMAG HP CNRS UPMF Facilitate R&D projects organization CNRS AD VALOR CEA ... ST Micro PEGASUS MOTOROLA ... ... Philippe Mallein – Usage Aided Design– November 2004

  3. Usage Aided Design RESEARCH ABOUT USAGES LUCE - Usage Conception Evaluation Laboratory Maison of human sciences -alps CNRS-University MINATEC IDEAs Laboratory- Innovation platform around MicroNanotechnologies (COUCOU platform inside) National network of USAGE platforms-laboratories (LUTIN-cité des sciences Paris,COUCOU-Minatec Grenoble, Handicap-IRIT-Toulouse) PEGASUS : GIS about the theme « communicating agents, objects et and environments » (regrouping three federations at Grenoble : IMAG, ELESA, MSH-Alpes) Philippe Mallein – Usage Aided Design– November 2004

  4. Usage Aided Design THE DEVELOPMENT of methods and tools COUCOU THE APPLICATION in technological R&D STYLOCOM ADAMOS THE RESEARCH in usage oriented participative Design process LUCE The context of the UAD at Grenoble Pegasus Research Ideas Lab Industry Communicating Objects Philippe Mallein – Usage Aided Design– November 2004

  5. Usage Aided Design The components of the Usage Aided Design Process CREATIVITY USAGE TEST ANTICIPATORY ENVIRONMENTAL SCANNING PROTOTYPING Philippe Mallein – Usage Aided Design– November 2004

  6. Usage Aided Design A creativity cycle CREATIVITY • Ideas emergence • Ideas selection • Concept formalization and usage scenarios definition • Definition of the technical demonstrator and implementation • Creativity cycles with numerous entry points : • technology, • society issues, • specific problem of the partners, • pure imagination Philippe Mallein – Usage Aided Design– November 2004

  7. Value Creation 1 1 Value Access 2 & 3 3 2 4 Value Realization 4 Usage Aided Design The 4 key questions of the usage approach USAGE TEST How to conceive a new communicating device and/or service in order it to : Usage Sociology - Anthropology Be meaningful to the user (positive meanings of use) : the CAUTIC method Cognitive Ergonomics Be useful in the user’s activity context (utility) Cognitive Ergonomics and human interaction Be easy to understand and use (usability) Experimental Economy and Marketing Have an economic value (a superior value than the actual market price) Philippe Mallein – Usage Aided Design– November 2004

  8. Usage Aided Design PROTOTYPING • Usage scenarios elaboration • Functional activity list elaboration • Prototype realization (eventual simulation of certain functions) The process may result in a prototype as well as it may begin with an existent prototype Philippe Mallein – Usage Aided Design– November 2004

  9. ANTICIPATORY ENVIRONMENTAL SCANNING Usage Aided Design • Technologies • Patents • Methodologies • Marketing • Sociology • Being realized, a scan of weak usage signs : • Paradoxes, social changes and usages • Ambivalence and objects (ex : SMS, written spoke and spoke written …) Philippe Mallein – Usage Aided Design– November 2004

  10. Functional activity list elaboration Operating prototype realization Usage Aided Design: Process Sequence Ideas generation Ideas selection Concept formalization General specifications and scenarios Creativity Usage context elaboration Usage meanings test Usability conditions test Usage Tests (concept) Prototype Usage meanings test Usability test Economic value optimization test Usage Test (prototype) Definition of the project to develop based in tests results Project Launch Philippe Mallein – Usage Aided Design– November 2004