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The State of New York BY Jaydan. The Empire State.

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The empire state
The Empire State

New York is called New York State. New York is one most populous and important States of the country. The statue of Liberty stands on the Liberty island in New York Harbor. It is a symbol of freedom for millions of immigrants who came to America. In New York there's always something going on in New York city. New York vast wealth and natural resources earned its nickname the Empire State.

New york cities
New York cities

New York has the largest cites in the United States. It population is 8,274,527 in the early 1600s. Albany has been the capital of New York since 1797. Albany population is 94,172 . When great Britain took the area in1664 the community was renamed Albany.

New yorks history
New Yorks history

There was a fight going on in New York. It was the Revolution war George captured New York city. Other soldiers fought for New York. In July26,1788,New York became the 11 State and newly formed United States of America.

New yorks weather
New Yorks weather

Theres a lot of weather going on in New York like a snow storm. It changes a lot.Sometimes is realy humid and you just have to cool off.There is a very verydagous storm that’s a hurricane .

Just the facts
Just the Facts

New York in a U.S State in the mid Atlantic of the Northeastern United State . The flag of the State of New York is the coat of arms on slid blue background. New York has the biggest bridge.


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