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1. Symbols & Their Importance in Logo Design

Why designers use symbols in logo design.

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1. Symbols & Their Importance in Logo Design

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  1. Symbols & Their Importance in Logo Design

  2. Relaying the brand message of a company through text is not as impactful as symbols. Language barrier hampers the effectiveness of a text based logo, but symbols convey visual messages to universal audience. Why Designers Use Symbols?

  3. How to Select a Symbol? Designers should study the meaning of various symbols in cultures across the globe and select a sign that does not hurt any community. Make sure that the chosen symbol reflects the core values of the company it represents.

  4. Different Types of Symbols There are mainly two types of symbols- representational and abstract. Animals and objects are examples of representational symbols, while swoosh, box and triangles are examples of abstract symbols.

  5. What Type of Symbol is Ideal? There is no steadfast rule or solid proof that can prove the superiority of either representational or abstract symbols. The designer must select a symbol that suits his client’s brand image or rather how the client wants to project his business to the target audience.

  6. What if a Designer Feels Confused? If multiple symbols seem suitable for client’s corporate logo design, create different emblems using different symbols and let the client take final decision. Created by www.logo-design-india.com cr

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