the tamborrada of san sebasti n n.
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The Tamborrada of San Sebastián PowerPoint Presentation
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The Tamborrada of San Sebastián

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The Tamborrada of San Sebastián - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Tamborrada of San Sebastián . - Explain the festival. The Tamborrada of San Sebastián ( Guipúzcoa , País Vasco , España ).

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explain the festival
-Explainthe festival

The Tamborrada of San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa , País Vasco , España).

The festival starts raising the flag and there is some parades that march through all the neighborhoods of the city. Finally the march of San Sebastián is played 12.00 am while, at the same time , the mayor , lowers the flag of the city.


The representatives of the Tamborrada begin to play the march of San Sebastian.

There are two groups : The tamborreros and the cocineros/aguadoras , who play the herrada

For the children there is a special version os the Tamborrada. It is in the afternoon of the 19th of January


They usually wear with a uniform of the Napoleonic era. The uniforms aren’t the same , according to the group they wear a different uniforms.


The festival starts on the 19th of January and finishes at dawn on the 20th of January.


The Gold Drum and City of San Sebastián Merit Medal