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“B # for Personal and Project Success” “Build your own ladder” “Get ‘ em while they’re hot” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“B # for Personal and Project Success” “Build your own ladder” “Get ‘ em while they’re hot” Dr. Tony Zeiss. Wake Up Call. People + Purpose = Success. Cultivate Peak Performance… - in yourself. - in your employees. Build Your Own Ladder. Vision Thought Influence Reciprocity.

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“B# for Personal and

Project Success”

“Build your own ladder”

“Get ‘em while they’re hot”

Dr. Tony Zeiss

People purpose success
People + Purpose = Success

Cultivate Peak Performance…

- in yourself.

- in your employees.

Build your own ladder
Build Your Own Ladder

  • Vision

  • Thought

  • Influence

  • Reciprocity

I power of vision
I. Power of Vision






Greatest predictor of career success
Greatest Predictor of Career Success

“Personal Vision”






Power of thought we are what we think
Power of ThoughtWe Are What We Think

Thoughts  Belief  Action

Optimistic or Pessimistic

Reactive or Anticipatory


whether you think you can

or you can’t…

You’re right!”

- Henry Ford

Power of influence lead your people
Power of Influence (Lead your people)

9. Law of Learning

  • Law of Self-Confidence

  • Law of Organization

  • Law of Results

Thoughts  Belief  Action

Old John

If you don t like the facts
If You Don’t Like the Facts

Change Your Attitude

Iv power of reciprocity
IV. Power of Reciprocity

“We Reap What We Sow”

“Do Unto Others…”

What drives the economy
What Drives the Economy?

  • Government

  • Corporations

  • Small Business

Smart organizations are
Smart Organizations Are…

  • Attracting

  • Developing

  • Retaining

    Peak Performers!

    Get ‘em while they’re hot - Zeiss

I attracting peak performers
I.Attracting Peak Performers

  • Establish great reputation for a good place to work.

  • Establish a reliable worker supply chain.

  • Partner with community colleges

  • Provide competitive salary and benefits.

  • Closely match candidates’ abilities & interests to the job profile.

Ii developing peak performers
II.Developing Peak Performers

  • Provide effective and relevant training

    for all employees.

  • Provide effective motivation for all employees.

  • Provide a supportive & caring environment.

Employee motivators
Employee Motivators

  • Recognition

  • A sense of belonging

  • A sense of significance & personal growth

  • Fair compensation tied to achievement and productivity

Iii retaining peak performers
III. Retaining Peak Performers

  • First, hire the right people for the job.

  • Treat them with respect, trust, and do what you promise.

  • Understand why you lose good employees.

Why employees leave
Why Employees Leave

  • Distrust

  • Little or no recognition

  • Little sense of purpose

  • Inadequate compensation

  • Poor work environment

  • Poor supervisors

  • Job insecurity

  • Undervalued

To be the best ask this question
To Be the Best, Ask this Question:

“How would I compete with myself, my department, my company?”

Lead em with optimism
Lead ‘em withOptimism!