Teleconferencing etiquette
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TELECONFERENCING ETIQUETTE. EFECTIVE TELECONFERENCE. Any teleconference runs better if everyone understands and observes rules of teleconference etiquette. MEANING OF KEY WORDS.

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Efective teleconference

Any teleconference runs better if everyone understands and observes rules of teleconference etiquette.

Meaning of key words

  • ETIQUETTE: The formal standards or rules of correct and polite behavior in society or among members of a profession.

  • TELECONFERENCING: Teleconferencing etiquette is simply politeness.

  • POLITENESS: Having or showing that one has good manners and consideration for other people.

Planning teleconference


  • Teleconference etiquette starts before anyone picks up a phone.

  • A teleconference needs to be planned well by the following steps.


  • Develop an Agenda covering the main points. This keeps participants attentive as they know what to expect.

  • Meeting related materials to be sent to all the participants in advance.

  • All the participants should read the material circulated i.e., Participants should come prepared to the teleconference.

  • To give adequate notice of time, duration and venue of the meeting.

  • Participants should inform the host incase they can’t attend the telecon well in advance to the extent possible.



Things to do
THINGS TO DO conference, ex., specifying telephone and code numbers.

  • Participants needs to be punctual, recommended to arrive 5 min. advance to the venue.

  • Specify order of speaking if any.

  • If any one person is leading the host team he should introduce himself / herself first and then all the participants to the receivers or guests.

  • Each speaker should briefly introduce himself with name, he or she going to speak.

  • Address the member on the other side with Mr. or Ms. as applicable.

  • If necessary note the names on the pad and also taking notes will help being attentive throughout the call .


7. conference, ex., specifying telephone and code numbers.Practice and implement active listening.

8. Allow pauses frequently to give participants time to think.

  • Keep a close eye on the agenda and the time lines.

    10. Contain excitement to add contradict or to acknowledge before the speaker completes his speech.

    11. Wait for your turn and then speak rather than cutting into the conversation of others.

    12. Even if somebody cuts in politely request him to allow him to complete.

    13. Listen to the speaker completely and then respond, even if you understood the speaker’s point.


Things to avoid
THINGS TO AVOID conference, ex., specifying telephone and code numbers.

  • Don’t allow snacks and beverages.

  • All Cellphones should be switched off / kept in silent mode before the start of conference.

  • Avoid moving in and out of the conference room.

  • Avoid background noises as much as possible.

  • Speakers should not speak without introduction, should not yell or shout if the guests voice is low inform the same after adjusting volume control of the phone.


  • Don’t burst into laughter. conference, ex., specifying telephone and code numbers.

  • Move away from the speaker if bothered by hiccups, Sneezing, Yawning, Blowing, Coughing, adjusting throat, clearing nose etc., Incase not avoidable “ask for Pardon(Sorry, Excuse me etc.,)

  • Don’t assume or presume other’s view point until they complete.

  • Avoid chewing gums, nut powder etc.

  • Be polite and soft in speech.

  • Maintain moderate pitch of voice level and use simple language.


  • Don’t use abusive, or derogatory language. conference, ex., specifying telephone and code numbers.

  • Avoid argumentative way of expressing things.

  • When instructions or points made by the client or guest are not clear it is better to seek clarification with assertive communication rather than saying OK or Yes.

  • Can always check back with Guest / Client with permission.

  • Avoid multitasking i.e, Checking e-mail, sending e-mails, answering phone calls etc.

  • Avoid resorting to humor and sarcasm.

Handling teleconference call
HANDLING TELECONFERENCE CALL conference, ex., specifying telephone and code numbers.

  • Host to initiate call by wishing the guests and introducing all the participants from the host side then seek introduction from the guest.

  • Host has to brief the agenda of the call and the duration.

  • Can specify if questions can be asked during or after the host presentation i.e., allowing or not interruption for questions.

  • Once the presentation from the concerned person is over the presenter should seek questions / feedback.

  • Speech should be slow, clear and audible.


6. conference, ex., specifying telephone and code numbers. Incase during the teleconferencing a side discussion has to take place the same should be done only with the permission of the guests. It is better to avoid side talk.

7. Incase of a brief discussion amongst the host, mute the phone with guest’s permission.

8. If any member arrives late to the conference he should be introduced at the appropriate break.

End of teleconference
END OF TELECONFERENCE conference, ex., specifying telephone and code numbers.

  • Make an announcement that the meeting is over.

  • Host should sum up at the end of the presentation.

  • Check and specify about the next call.

  • At the end of the call wait till all guests disconnect the call.

  • Make Minutes of Meeting and circulate among all relevant persons clearly indicating the actions and tasks responsible.

THANK YOU conference, ex., specifying telephone and code numbers.