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20 Questions

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20 Questions. French and English Relations 1970’s. John, Ian, Muhammad, George, Sonia, Karm. Which political party did Rene Levesque represent?. “ Parti Quebecois”. Who was Rene Levesque?. A Quebec Premier. Which year did Rene Levesque win the provincial election?. 1976.

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20 Questions

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20 questions

20 Questions

French and English Relations 1970’s

John, Ian, Muhammad, George, Sonia, Karm

who was rene levesque
Who was Rene Levesque?
  • A Quebec Premier
what was rene levesque s opinion on separatism
What was Rene Levesque’s opinion on separatism?
  • An automatic separation of the English and French would not occur.
  • A province-wide referendum on the issue would be held
describe the events during the october crisis
Describe the events during the October Crisis?
  • Quebec and the PartiQuebecoiswanted to separate from Canada
  • FLQ read there manifesto and Robert Bourassa agreed to all except releasing prisoners
  • FLQ kidnapped Pierre Laporte and James Cross Trudeau then put the war measures act in place.
  • Laportewas found dead in the trunk of a car and government finally stepped in and released most of the 450 imprisoned very few were ever charged
what was the priority of separatists
What was the priority of separatists?
  • To strengthen the French language
what was the war measures act
What was the War Measures Act?
  • It was put in place to suspend Canadian civil rights.
when was the war measures act used
When was the War Measures Act used?
  • It was only used during wartime
  • Citizens could be arrested or detained without being charged
which pm imposed the war measures act
Which PM imposed the War Measures Act?

Trudeau put it in place after pressure from Bourassa and Montreal mayor Jean Drapeau

Do you think that the Canadian government should have the ability to suspend certain civil rights in “emergency” situations?
  • Answer varies…
  • Yes, we think that the Canadian Government should have the ability to suspend certain civil rights in “emergency” situations. Under the War Measures Act Canadian civil rights – anyone could be arrested and detained without being charged with an offence.

Bonus Question

what was bill 22
What was Bill 22?
  • The first provincial legislation passed in Quebec aimed at protecting the status of the French language.
  • Bill 22 made French the sole official language in Quebec. It was to be the language of civic administration and services, and of the workplace.
describe the response to bill 22 by english and french canadians
Describe the response to Bill 22 by English and French-Canadians?
  • Several business and professional people who were not Francophone were forced to move out of the province
what was bill 101 1977
What was Bill 101 (1977)?
  • A.K.A "Charter of the French language."
  • Strengthened the position of the French language in Quebec
what were the components of bill 101
What were the components of Bill 101?
  • French was the only official language of the province and government
  • Commercial outdoor signs would be in French only.
  • Children immigrants would be required to attend French schools
describe the response of bill 101 by the english
Describe the response of Bill 101 by the English?

Non- francophone thought Bill 101 was a symbol oppression, most Canadians felt that the PQ policies were extreme

describe the response of bill 101 by the french canadians
Describe the response of Bill 101 by the French-Canadians?
  • Welcomed the new language
  • Many felt that their culture and language was endangered