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  1. A few days ago, I read an article that is so inspiring. And I want to share with you :) It's about a famous black tennis player ever to win three Grand Slam titles: U.S. Open (1968), Australian Open (1970), and Wimbledon (1975), an Arthur Ashe. A citizen of the first black American to represented his country in Davis Cup tennis world championships in 1963. In 1979 he suffered a heart attack that made him should bypass operation. After two operations, rather than healed he instead should face the harsh reality, are infected with HIV via blood transfusions which he received during operation. He died in February 1993 at the age of 49 years. One of his fans wrote to him and asked: "Why God chose you to suffer from the disease?" Ashe replied: "In this world there are 50 million children who want to play tennis, among them 5 million people who can learn to play tennis, 500 thousand people are learning become a professional tennis player, 50 thousands come to the arena to compete, 5 thousand people reached grandslam tournament, 50 people made ​​it to the Wimbeldon, four people in the semifinals, the two men competed in the final. And when I lift the Wimbledon trophy, I never asked God, 'Why me?', So when I am in pain now, should not I also asked God,' Why me?' " Consciously or not, sometimes we feel just deserve good things in life: success, good career, good health. However, when we received just the opposite; illness, adversity, failure, we think God is unfair. So we feel entitled to sue God. But not so. He was different from most people because He is God ... That is a reflection of the life of faith as demonstrated by Arthur Ashe: s