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Preparing for the interview PowerPoint Presentation
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Preparing for the interview

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Preparing for the interview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Preparing for the interview
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  1. Preparingfor theinterview 2012

  2. Objectives Collaborative working to explore and de-mystify the interview process. To help you prepare for the best performance on the day.

  3. You are the interviewers!

  4. Things to consider? 1, Who will be interviewing? 2, Where will it take place? 3, How long will it be? 4, Will we have a chair-person? 5, Which questions will we ask? 6, Will we ask our candidates to prepare anything before the interview? 7, Will we give them ‘a task’ to do?

  5. Congratulations! Dear Doctor Hope Following your recent informal visit and your excellent application to the role of a full time salaried post here at ‘New Pastures’ medical centre’, we invite you to attend for an interview on Monday 21st March at 10 am. Drs Keen, Low and Skye and the practice manager will be conducting the interview and we look forward to seeing you next week. Yours sincerely

  6. Have they ‘prepared’ well enough? How do we expect them to dress? How do we expect them to ‘behave’? What do we expect them to know? What do they know about our practice philosophy? Do they know which services we offer? Have they seen our practice website? Have they prepared some questions?

  7. Preparation continued What does their C.V. Look like?, Any areas we will choose to focus on? How does this doctor plan to develop in the future? How does this doctor plan to take this practice forward? WHAT CAN THIS DOCTOR ADD TO OUR TEAM?

  8. What I want you to do... Get together in groups of 3 or 4. Plan the process thinking about the things we have mentioned above in slides 4-7. Prepare 3 or 4 ‘discriminatory’ questions. Look at the C.V- highlight areas you wish to focus on and tell us why. Consider setting a ‘task’ for the candidate, explain what it is and why it was chosen .

  9. Questions??? • Time is usually given for the candidate to ask questions too. • Think about the type of questions the candidate might ask. • Who would answer the question? • What type of question would impress you? • Think of 3.

  10. Review 15 minutes in groups to prepare feedback 10 mins feedback from each group Nominate a ‘chair-person’

  11. Prepare for the Interview – 15 minutes