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Book 11

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The Odyssey. Book 11. The Journey to the Underworld. Reach the place where Circe had told them to go. Odysseus dug a pit the size of a cubit and begins to pour libations for the dead. Mixture of honey, then sweet wine, then water He then sprinkled white barley on it.

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Book 11

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the journey to the underworld
The Journey to the Underworld
  • Reach the place where Circe had told them to go.
  • Odysseus dug a pit the size of a cubit and begins to pour libations for the dead.
    • Mixture of honey, then sweet wine, then water
  • He then sprinkled white barley on it.
the journey continued
The Journey Continued
  • Hey says his prayers and vows.
  • Then he killed the sheep and poured their blood into the pit.
    • The souls of those who had died begin to gather.
  • They burn the sheep as a sacrifice to the gods.
  • Odysseus has to prevent the souls from going near the blood.
who does he see
Who Does He See?
  • First Elpenor speaks to him.
    • He asks them to go back and burry his body along the way.
  • He then sees his mother, but she does not speak to him.
    • He is sad because she was alive when he left for war.
finally tiresias
Finally Tiresias
  • Odysseus lets him drink the blood.
  • He tells Odysseus that his return will not be easy and that Poseidon will not leave him alone.
    • Poseidon is mad because of the Cyclopes incident.
tiresias continued
Tiresias Continued
  • He says, they will still make it home if they leave the Son God’s cattle alone.
    • If not, their ship will be destroyed.
  • However, even if Odysseus manages to survive this he will return late and lost all his companions and finding troubles in his house.
tiresias advice
Tiresias Advice
  • He tells Odysseus that after he has been home and gotten rid of the suitors he needs to journey until he meets men that do not know the sea.
  • When a stranger tells him he has a winnowing fan on his shoulder, he is to sacrifice to Poseidon.
    • A ram, a bull, and a boar
odysseus speaks to his mother
Odysseus Speaks to His Mother.
  • He lets her drink the blood.
  • She asks him why he is among the dead and not at home.
  • He asks her about her death and the fate of his family.
    • She tells him that she died missing him and waiting for him.
    • His wife has not married.
    • His father remains alive but sick and waiting for Odysseus
  • He tries to embrace her, but can’t because she is only soul.
persephone sends women
Persephone Sends Women
  • A lot of wives and daughters come to talk to Odysseus.
  • Some well known women
    • Alcmene
    • Megara
    • Epicaste-Mother of Oedipos
back to the present
Back to the Present
  • Odysseus tells the Phaeacians that he is tired and wants to go to bed.
  • Alcinoos and Arte insist that he stay and rest one more day before going home.
    • Odysseus agrees to do whatever they wish.
odysseus talks of more souls
Odysseus Talks of More Souls
  • Alcinoos compliments his story telling abilities-he compare them to that of a singer-and urges him to tell more.
  • Odysseus speaks of seeing the soul of Agamemnon
a talk with agamemnon
A Talk With Agamemnon
  • Odysseus asks Agamemnon how he died.
    • He tells Odysseus that Clytemnestra, Aigisthos murdered him.
  • He claims that she has brought shame to womankind and warns him against trusting women.
    • He also informs him that he has nothing to worry about. Penelope is trustworthy.
  • He asks about his son’s fate, but Odysseus does not know.
odysseus talks with achilles
Odysseus Talks With Achilles
  • Odysseus commends him for having great rule over the dead, as he had over the living in life.
    • Achilles tells him he would rather serve on another man’s land than rule over the dead.
  • He asks about his son and Peleus.
    • Odysseus tells him he has not heard about Peleus
    • But tells of Neoptolemos’ great bravery and successes.
a not so friendly meeting with ajax
A Not So Friendly Meeting With Ajax
  • Odysseus speaks of seeing Ajax
  • However, Ajax will not talk to him.
    • He has not gotten over the fact that Odysseus won Achilles' armor
odysseus sees some other people
Odysseus Sees Some Other People
  • Minos
    • “Dealing justice to the dead”
  • Orion
    • Driving the beasts he had slaughtered
  • Tityos
    • Vultures picking at his liver
  • Tantalos
    • Inability to obtain food and water
  • Sisyphos
    • Pushing his stone
  • Heracles
    • Appeared as a phantom
    • He bragged to Odysseus about his successes
they leave
They Leave
  • Many souls begin to approach
  • There is a loud shout
  • Odysseus fears that Persephone is going to send the Gorgon head, so they leave.