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Introducing the NETpositive Student Engagement Tool PowerPoint Presentation
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Introducing the NETpositive Student Engagement Tool

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Introducing the NETpositive Student Engagement Tool
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Introducing the NETpositive Student Engagement Tool

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  1. Introducing the NETpositive Student Engagement Tool

  2. Questions this presentation answers: • What is NETpositive? • What does the NETpositive Student tool do? • Why is it a great tool for student engagement? • Why should my University use the tool? • What will we get if we sign up to this package? • How do we get involved?

  3. What is NETpositive? NETpositiveTM is about moving beyond monitoring and managing our negative impacts, towards an approach that also recognises our positive impacts. The aim is to achieve an overall position that is NETpositive. It is a simple idea but one that is fast taking hold and we are delighted to be able to share this approach with the HE sector Find out more about NETpositive on our website:

  4. What does the NETpositive Student Tool do? • Introduces sustainability to raise awareness • Helps students reflect on their personal impacts (positive and negative) • Generates personalised action plans based on interactions with the tool • Signposts to information, resources and opportunities to engage in activities offered by the institution • Offers an opportunity to record progress to support future employability • Records ‘data’ at every step for use by the institution

  5. Four simple steps to using the tool Suggested impacts saved Edited impacts saved Suggested actions saved Final actions saved Data Collection

  6. Why is it great for Student Engagement? Not just for the ‘Keen Greens’ • Any student can use the tool; activity is relevant to the broader student experience Simple but comprehensive • The tool offers a gentle introduction to Sustainability Literacy and social responsibility Supports the development of Graduate Attributes • Contributes to the Higher Education Achievement Record (Section 6) • Provides evidence of employability skills Offers a central student engagement ‘portal’ • The tool directs students to opportunities to engage across the entire student experience with activities that support sustainability Means future engagement can be evidence-based • The data provided can be used by institutions to ensure activity is targeted where it can have most impact and respond to student-demand

  7. Why should my University use the tool? • Because it can be used with all studentsrather than just those already engaged or committed to sustainability • Because it signposts students directly to the engagement opportunities that you already provide for your students across the entire student experience • Because you take your social responsibilities seriously and understand that your students are a vital part of that work • Because it will provide a wealth of data that will enable student engagement to be evidence-based • Because it helps you identify where there are gaps and opportunities to the scope and scale of your student engagement activities • Because it offers a joined-up approach to student engagement tailored to individual student interests • Because you can learnwhat is important to your students and what is not!

  8. What will you get as part of the package? • Use of the tool customisedto your institutional context • Colours, logos, and language can all be adapted to make sure the tool fits comfortably with your institutional context, campaigns and brand guidelines • We will work with you to ensure that the tool refers to relevant activity and information from across your student experience • During this time we will also support you to identify any gaps in engagement relative to other institutions involved in the initiative. This will support the development of your own approach (This phase includes 2 days on site and 2-4 off-site )

  9. What will you get as part of the package? • Support to launch for maximum impact and engagement • We will support you to review the tool ready for launch – this might include using student focus groups to tailor your approach • The tool will be made available for your chosen target audience and you will be supported to maximum uptake • The process for delivering the tool will be kept as simple as possible and support will be available throughout (This phase includes logins for up to 4000 student users and remote technical support)

  10. What will you get as part of the package? • A research report based on your institutional data • A detailed research report will be delivered by our research partners at the Stockholm Environment Institute • This report will be an analysis of the data based on XXX • You will also receive a copy of your institutionsraw dataset to enable you to utilise it as part of wider research projects

  11. What will you get as part of the package? • An invitation to the NETpositive Student Showcase event • All institutions participating during the 2013/14 cohort will be invited to a special event to share their experiences with others within this group and beyond • Also invited will be corporate partners who either place value on graduates with sustainability literacy or are using a NETpositive approach in their own contexts • As well as offering a high-profile networking opportunity we will facilitate the sharing of effective practice and celebrate the work undertaken by the sector (5 participants per institution will be offered a free place at this event)

  12. What will you get as part of the package? • Inclusion in our NETpositive Student report to the sector • We will produce an additional amalgamated research report that offers an insight into the NETpositive activity across all institutions taking part in our inaugural project • We will be publicising this report widely to offer ‘a view from the HE sector’ of the impacts of students and the potential a NETpositive approach offers • Your institution will be profiled as part of this report and the collective NETpositive actions of your students celebrated The cost for this package is £9500 (For Year 2 entrants the foundation package will be £12500)

  13. The 2013/14 Project Timeline Students will be able to access and update the tool until September 2014

  14. How do we get involved? Still have a question? Want to arrange a demonstration of the tool? Ready to sign up? Please give us a call or drop us an email: Jimmy Brannigan Tel: 07775514579 Sheri-Leigh Miles Tel: 07834712635