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Depression. Wyatt & Josh. What Is Depression?.

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Wyatt & Josh

What is depression
What Is Depression?

Depression is like living with a cloud following you wherever you go. Some days it can be light and people can go through their entire day without it affecting them but depression can quickly become a dark cloud and it will feel like the world is a dark, hopeless place. Depression also doesn’t need to have a reason, sometimes it just gets “switched on”. When depression kicks into action, people can’t find good in anything and it feels like you will never be happy again. Interesting Fact: Dementors from Harry Potter were meant to cause depression.


  • A Dementor

How does it affect day to day life
How Does It Affect Day To Day Life?

Depression can go by unnoticed for long periods of time and people can live their lives just like any other person and they can be happy and successful. However, just like a storm, depression can come into a persons life without any warning or notice. That person will quickly lose any happiness or motivation in life. The person will feel like life has lost meaning and wonder why life is worth living on. For the person with depression, they will feel like they will never find happiness again.However, despite these feelings, depression does pass by just like any storm and if a person can just deal with the time that they are dealing with depression, they will find happiness and meaning again.

Are people with depression treated differently
Are People With Depression Treated Differently?

Just like fashion, interests, personality, there will always be people who will judge others for any reason they can find. There are people who will treat a person like a time bomb that is going to go off without warning. They will be overly cautious to not set them off. However, there are also other types of people who will bully a person because they deal with depression and are actually trying to find a reaction. No matter what, being treated differently makes anyone feel awkward and like an outcast. For a person with depression, being treated differently can be very hurtful because along dealing with the actual depression, they also have to deal with people treating them differently.

How do people with depression interact with others
How Do People With Depression Interact With Others?

People with depression can have any kind of personality and can be very kind and loving people or they can be cold and cruel people. However, when depression comes into effect, generally people with depression will become very reclusive and want to hide from the world. They may be short tempered with others and will become overly emotional and irrational about how they are feeling. Others may act emotionless as a way to hide from what they are truly feeling.

Is there medication
Is There Medication?

There are many medications that a person with depression can take and they act like a shield from depression. With medication, depression becomes like an attack that is repelled by a shield. However, even though medication can help, depression can still sneak past and affect the person. Medication is not foolproof. Medication is not a miracle drug or an antidote for life. Depression is something a person lives with and there is no permanent cure.

Do people with depression hide their disorder
Do People With Depression Hide Their Disorder?

People with depression can choose to be very open about their disorder or they can choose to be very open about their disorder. Depression can make a person feel ashamed of what they are dealing with even though there is nothing shameful about it. Over 120 million people deal with depression worldwide.

What causes depression
What Causes Depression

For people who are born with depression as a disorder, the reason they deal with the problem is generally because their body has a chemical imbalance to the brain and it causes a persons mood to turn into being depressed. Just as much the chemical imbalance, depression can be triggered by lack of sleep, sunlight, exercise and a bad food diet.

What to do if you think you have depression
What To Do If You Think You Have Depression

The first thing you should do if you think you deal with depression is go to your doctor and explain your situation and if they believe that you may deal with depression, listen to the options that they can give you and they may be able to help.It’s also very important that you tell someone close to you that you trust and that you don’t keep your emotions bottled up.