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The Meanings of Words. Denotation and Connotation. Denotation. The strict dictionary meaning of a word. Connotation. The emotional and imaginative association surrounding a word. Purpose of Words. To label things I live in a house . Purpose of Words. To express a point of view

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The meanings of words l.jpg

The Meanings of Words

Denotation and Connotation

Denotation l.jpg

The strict dictionary meaning of a word

Connotation l.jpg

The emotional and imaginative association surrounding a word

Purpose of words l.jpg
Purpose of Words

To label things

I live in ahouse.

Purpose of words6 l.jpg
Purpose of Words

To express a point of view

You may live in a house, but we live in a home.

Point of view l.jpg


We bought inexpensive souvenirs at the amusement park.


We bought cheap souvenirs at the amusement park.

Point of View

Point of view positive l.jpg
Point of View: Positive

  • Everyone had a (smile, smirk) on his/her face on the ride home.

  • Everyone had a smile on his/her face on the way home.

Point of view negative l.jpg
Point of View: Negative

I ate a (soggy,moist) sandwich.

I ate a soggy sandwich

Positive you decide l.jpg
Positive? You Decide!





Context clues l.jpg
Context Clues

Words or phrases that help the reader understand a difficult word

Using context clues l.jpg
Using Context Clues

  • The parrot was able to (mimic, mock) human voices.

  • The parrot was able to mimichuman voices.

Context clues you decide l.jpg
Context Clues: You Decide!

1. The (odor, fragrance) of apple blossoms filled the entire valley.

2. A (swarm, bunch) of bees filled the air near the hive.

3. Tammy (delayed, hesitated) for a moment, then went on speaking.

Let s play l.jpg

Let’s Play...

Word Jeopardy

Word jeopardy l.jpg
Word Jeopardy

Positive Viewpoint

Negative Viewpoint

Context Clues










Positive viewpoint l.jpg
Positive Viewpoint

  • immature

  • youthful

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Positive viewpoint17 l.jpg
Positive Viewpoint

  • limit

  • restrict

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Positive viewpoint18 l.jpg
Positive Viewpoint

  • filthy

  • dirty

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Negative viewpoint l.jpg
Negative Viewpoint

  • stingy

  • thrifty

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Negative viewpoint20 l.jpg
Negative Viewpoint

  • cluttered

  • messy

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Negative viewpoint21 l.jpg
Negative Viewpoint

  • unusual

  • weird

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Context clues22 l.jpg
Context Clues

After the big test, Rich felt relaxed and ( carefree, irresponsible ).

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Context clues23 l.jpg
Context Clues

The empty streets looked lonely and ( deserted, barren ).

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Context clues24 l.jpg
Context Clues

The employees tried to ( haggle, bargain ) with their employer over pay raises.

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