Financial reporting
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Financial reporting. Elise Oukka, Head of Finance, FMO 5.3.2013 Riga. Programme Operator (PO) responsibilities. Programme implementation agreement, the Regulation and in particular article 4.7

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Financial reporting

Financial reporting

Elise Oukka, Head of Finance, FMO

5.3.2013 Riga

Financial reporting

Programme Operator (PO) responsibilities

  • Programme implementation agreement, the Regulation and in particular article 4.7

  • These include e.g. verification of the declared expenditure, payments, monitoring, drawing up and submitting the financial reports, measures to prevent irregularities

Financial reporting

Financial reporting

  • Fixed reporting periods covering four calendar months every year

    • 1 January – 30 April

    • 1 May – 31 August

    • 1 September – 31 December

  • Fixed deadline for reporting and fixed payment dates (reports by the CA to the FMO)

    • 15 March for payments to be made 15 April

    • 15 July for payments to be made 15 August

    • 15 November for payments to be made 15 December

Financial reporting

Financialreporting chart

Financial reporting

Managementand control systems – national level

  • Financial control at national level

    • Responsibility of the Certifying Authority

    • Certification of expenditure declared by POs

    • Exception: programmes operated by the FMO or a DS entity

  • Certification of financial reports

    • Part of interim financial report and final programme report

    • Certification procedure and method to be designed by CA

  • Eligible expenditure of a programme

    • Expenditure incurred directly by the PO (programme management, bilateral funds at programme level, etc.)

    • Re-granting: payments to projects from the PO, and not expenditure incurred by project promoters

Financial reporting

Managementand control systems – national level

  • Management and control functions of the NFP

    • Overall responsibility for reaching the objectives of the FMs

    • Monitor progress and quality of implementation of programmes

    • Progress towards programme outcomes and objectives

    • Fulfilment of publicity requirements

    • Signing programme implementation agreements with POs

  • Management and control functions of the AA

    • Audits on effective functioning of management and control systems both at national and PO level

    • Project audits based on an appropriate sample

    • Annual audit report and opinion

    • Closure declaration

Financial reporting

Management and control systems – programme level

  • Setting up management and control systems

    • Responsibility of the Programme Operator

    • Within six months from the submission of the first IFR

    • Collecting applications, selecting projects, signing project contracts

    • Verification of project outputs and project expenditure

    • Ensuring payments to projects

    • Verification of compliance with the Regulation, the programme agreement, applicable national law and EU law

    • Reporting to the FMO / NFP / CA / Irregularities authority

    • Information and publicity

Financial reporting

Interim Financial Report

  • To be reported:

    • Actual expenditure incurred (use of funds received previously)

    • Proposed expenditure for the next period (future cash needs)

  • Pre-financing requests reviewed by FMO and cross-checked against previous requests and reported incurred expenditure

  • Interim financial reports and final financial report are submitted by the PO to the CA, who certifies the reports before submitting them to the FMO

Financial reporting

Financial reporting

  • Small amount retained from each claim, released at programme completion

  • FMO can withhold payments in case of delayed or incomplete reporting

  • DoRIS as a reporting tool, the required verifications are to be done outside the system (in line with the management & control system descriptions)

Financial reporting