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Branding Short Course for Associations PowerPoint Presentation
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Branding Short Course for Associations

Branding Short Course for Associations

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Branding Short Course for Associations

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  1. Branding Short Course for Associations

  2. What is a Brand?

  3. What is a Brand? • Product, service, corporation; a name or symbol that: • Creates a powerful image/cluster of associations in the mind of the customer • Provides instant credibility • Generates a set of expectations • Creates a bond of trust - a “trustmark” • A promise to a customer that is consistently fulfilled again and again because of what the brand does and what the brand believes in

  4. Essential Elements of a Brand • Trust • Loyalty • Relationship • Value • Consistent • Problem-Solver • Performance

  5. Successful Brands Provide a Competitive Advantage • Brands cut through marketplace clutter • Help customers solve problems • Make buying decisions easier • Command premium pricing/ROI • Create strong, long-term relationships with customers, e.g., brand loyalty • Can more easily migrate to new platform, line extensions

  6. Branding for Associations Does this apply to organizations like yours? • You bet: Brand = organizational identity • A strong organizational brand helps: • Build conference/meeting attendance • Increase member retention, recruitment and participation • Build credibility for individual members • Create multiple revenue streams • “Branding” is the approach/process for building a strong organizational identity

  7. Branding for Associations Reality Check! • Does your association have a vision? • Are you delivering on your strategic priorities? • Do you offer members value? • Product offering • Educational programs • Member benefits • Are you willing to “stay the course”?

  8. Branding for Associations Organizational Vision Strategic Priorities Brand Positioning Communication Messages & Marketing Strategies Tactics/Programs Customer/Members

  9. 1. Fully understand your organization from the member and prospective member viewpoint -- “outside-in” perspective 2. Create a positioning statement: the unique place we want to occupy in target audience’s mind Brand personality helps further define tone, approach 3. Convey the positioning consistently in everything that “touches” a member, a prospective member or supporter Brand identity, logo, tagline, graphic standards Graphic design Product offerings Member communication Marketing messages Branding Imperatives for Organizations

  10. Defining Understand vision/organization goals Identify audiences (current members and prospective members) Develop a profound knowledge of audiences, their environment and needs Define brand promise -- what you do…what you believe in -- and brand personality Create brand positioning statement Building a Brand Positioning

  11. Your Organization is the (PRODUCT/SERVICE) for (PEOPLE) looking (NEED). Unlike (OTHER OPTIONS), Your Organization provides (DIFFERENCE) so (TARGET) can (GAIN). Building a Brand Positioning

  12. Brand logo/identity consistency Graphic standards Brand Audit Develop Key Messages Positioning doesn’t change -- messages do Top reasons how organization “solves problem”, realizes opportunities Value experiences member will have when using product/service May vary by audience Communicating Brand Positioning: The Basics

  13. Communicating Brand Positioning: The Basics • Develop marketing communications strategies to deliver messages • Advertising Creative Strategy • Synched up with strategic priorities and product development • Execute well • Customer feedback/evaluation • Repeat, repeat, repeat