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EMERALD ICE. User friendly. Easy to program. Audio help. Feature rich. Easy to customize. AUDIO HELP. Press Help button followed by any button on the phone

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  1. EMERALD ICE User friendly Easy to program Audio help Feature rich Easy tocustomize

  2. AUDIO HELP • Press Help button followed by any button on the phone • A friendly voice will take you step-by-step through the use of that feature or any other that may have been programmed on the telephone.

  3. Headset • Pressing the Headset button will turn the headset on and off. When the headset is enabled that button will light.

  4. Announce • Press Announce to change between answering modes • •Green LED - Voice Announce Hands-free reply mode – can reply to intercom call using speaker phone - Solid Red LED when intercom call is received. • • Red LED - Voice Announce Privacy Mode – intercom call is heard but caller can’t hear you. - Slow Flashing Red LED when intercom call is received. • • No LED lit - Tone Ringing Mode – Intercom caller waits for response from you. Fast Flashing Green LED when intercom call is received.

  5. Caller ID • Caller ID • Press to see call log. Use volume up and down arrows to scroll through recent calls.

  6. DND • Do Not Disturb • Can not be used when calls are forwarded. • Callers will go to your voicemail when in DND

  7. LNR • LNR • Last Number Redial

  8. Page • Press Page • Pages all extensions

  9. Call Park • Press Call Park button • Use to Park a call at an extension. • Press Park and then press the extension where you want the call to be parked. • To pick up a parked call – press Call Park and the extension where the call is parked.

  10. Forward Forward • There are several choices for forwarding your calls: • Direct – Forward all of your calls, • Busy – Forward your calls when your telephone is busy. • Follow Me – Forward calls at your extension to the extension where you are currently working (conference room, associate’s office, etc.) • Follow Preset – Invoke call forward at your extension so that it can be changed from another extension. • No Answer – Forward your calls for no answer conditions. • External – Forward calls transferred to your extension to a different telephone number. This feature must be enabled for your extension in database administration • Forward conditions can be set as follows for each call forward type: -Intercom calls only. -Intercom and outside line (including transferred outside lines) calls. -Outside line (CO Line) calls only.

  11. Voicemail • Press Voicemail to access your voicemail

  12. BUTTON PROGRAMMING • Press • Press the button that you want to program. • Press chg • Select dir (directory example 405) then press save • OR pgm (program example #4 for Do Not Disturb) then press save

  13. Speed Dial Programming • Press • Enter the Speed Dial bin (500 – 519) • Press show • Press chg • Enter the # to store • To call the speed dial – assign it to a button or dial the bin # (ex 500) * 500 – 519 are personal speed dials. 600 – 699 are system speed dials.

  14. EMERALD ICE Your Emerald ICE phone system has many more features. If you ever have any questions please do not hesitate to call us or email us. We want you to get the most out of your phone system. service@jemcko.com 866.699.7727

  15. EMERALD ICE Additional help and documentation is available on our website at http://www.jemcko.com/support

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