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SIERRA LEONE. Saraith Cortés Vázquez Estudios de África Julio 2014. I. History. Independence: 27 April 1961 (from the UK) After more than 150 years of British colonial rule After World War II the British government gave in to nationalist demands in Sierra Leone

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sierra leone


Saraith Cortés Vázquez

Estudios de África

Julio 2014

i history
I. History
  • Independence: 27 April 1961 (from the UK)

After more than 150 years of British colonial rule

After World War II the British government gave in to nationalist demands in Sierra Leone

The first years of independence were prosperous.

1960 Independence conference: United Kingdom agreed to grant Sierra Leone Independence on 27 April 1961

Sir Milton Margai led Sierra Leone to independence from Great Britain and became the country's first Prime Minister.

Milton Margaideath: Albert Margai


Key events:

1961 - Sierra Leone becomes independent.

1967 - Military coup

1978 - New constitution proclaims Sierra Leone a one-party state (APC)

1985 - Joseph Momoh becomes president.

1991 - Start of civil war by FodaySankoh and his Revolutionary United Front (RUF). New constitution providing for a multiparty system adopted.

1996 - Ahmad Kabbah elected president, signs peace accord with Sankoh's rebels

1997 - Peace deal unravels. President Kabbah deposed by army. Commonwealth suspends Sierra Leone. The UN Security Council imposes sanctions on Sierra Leone

1998 - Nigerian-led West African intervention force Ecomog and drives rebels out. Kabbah returns to Freetown

1999 - A ceasefire is greeted. Peace agreement with rebels. UN troops arrive to police the peace agreement



2000 - Rebel leader FodaySankoh captured.

2002 - War declared over.

2003 - Rebel leader FodaySankoh dies of natural causes while awaiting trial for war crimes.

2004 - War crimes trials begin.

2005 - Last UN peacekeeping troops leave Sierra Leone after five years

2007 - Presidential and parliamentary polls. Ernest Koroma wins

2010 - UN Security Council lifts last remaining sanctions

2012 - Energy companies report discovery of oil off the coasts

2012 - First elections for since the end of the civil war held without UN oversight. President Koroma wins

2013– Sierra Leone suffers problems of ebola, diseases




Illegal sale of blood diamonds has produced billions of dollars to fund civil wars and other conflicts in various African nations

  • People behind these civil wars oppose legitimate governments
  • RUF: killed, threatened, and even cut off the arms of people living and working in diamond villages until they were able to take control of the mines in the area.
  • Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KCPS)
  • 99.8 percent of the world's diamonds are now legitimate and conflict-free. ??
  • Program doesn't prevent diamonds from being easily smuggled from war-torn countries to Kimberley Process countries and then passed off as legitimate.
  • Practice of smuggling makes impossible to completely eradicate the illegal sale of blood diamonds
ii government
II. Government
  • Full name: Republic of Sierra Leone
  • Capital: Freetown
  • Type of government: constitutionaldemocracy(est. Under 1991 Constitution)
  • President: ErnestBaiKoroma (since 2007) fromthe APC.
  • Tieswiththe UK
  • Member of the Commonwealth of Nations

CIA WorldFactbook



    • AllPeople'sCongressor APC
    • Sierra LeonePeople'sPartyor SLPP (Ahmad Tejan Kabbah)
    • Peace and LiberationPartyor PLP
    • People'sMovementforDemocraticChangeor PMDC
    • Sierra LeonePeople'sPartyor SLPP (Ahmad Tejan Kabbah)
    • UnitedDemocraticMovementor UDM


iii general data
III. General data
  • Location:

West Africa, limits Atlantic Ocean, Guinea and Liberia

  • Natural resources:

Majorlanguages: English (official), ethniclanguages, Krio (spoken by the descendants of freed Jamaican slaves)

  • Majorreligions: Islam 60%, Christianity 10%, indigenousbeliefs 30%
  • Population: 6.1 million (WB, 2013) Chihuahua + Coahuila (6.154 million)
  • Size: 71,740 sq km

Lifeexpectancy: 45 yearsaverage: 48 years (men), 49 years (women) (UN)

  • HumanDevelopmentindex: 177/61/183

Agriculture employs more than

75 percent of labor force

  • GDP: 151/ 15/191 (WB, 2013)
  • IPC: 193/ 89/ 213

Products: rice, coffee, cocoa, palmoil, fish