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Towards Accessible Total Conversation PowerPoint Presentation
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Towards Accessible Total Conversation

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Towards Accessible Total Conversation
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Towards Accessible Total Conversation

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  1. Towards Accessible Total Conversation Presentation for the Citizens with special needs track inMinisterial conference on knowledge and information society Lisbon, April 2000 Gunnar Hellström, Omnitor AB Rapporteur in ITU-T Q9/16: ”Accessibility to Multimedia” For Ericsson

  2. Total Conversation combines features of video telephony, text telephony and voice telephony A standardised concept for telecommunication for all. Video telephony Text telephony Total Conversation for all in video, text and voice. Voice telephony

  3. Example of a Total Conversation user interface Tal Voice Text in video call. Sign language Teckenspråk Also for Text Telephony

  4. Typical use with hard-of-hearing user Hard-of-hearing Hearing Voice Speech-reading Text when needed

  5. Typical use with speech-impaired user Speech impaired Hearing Text Voice Video for agreeing, turn taking and better understanding Voice for conversation

  6. Typical use between deaf and hearing users Deaf Hearing Text for the conversation Video for recognition

  7. Typical use between deaf users Deaf Deaf Video for Sign Language Text for phone numbers, addresses …

  8. Typical use between hearing users Hearing Hearing Voice Text for for names, addresses

  9. Use of video relay services Deaf Video Relay Service Hearing Sign Language Voice Text for phone numbers

  10. Use of text relay service with simultaneous voice Deafened Text Relay Service Hearing Text Voice Voice

  11. The Text Telephone standard V.18harmonizes text telephony. USA, Ireland, Australia USA Holland Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria France, Belgium The whole world. Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, UK V.18 forms the bridge to new environments

  12. Total Conversation standardisation • Started in Europe in ETSI HF from COST 219 and COST 220 1993, and USA from Gallaudet University. • Decisions in ITU 18 Feb. 2000 made the standard family complete • The activity center: ITU-T S616 Multimedia systems and services. • Question 9 :Acessibility to Multimedia 1997-2000 Rapporteur 1997-2000: Gunnar Hellström

  13. T.120 Data H.324 H.320 H.324 Text telephony conferencing Mobile system Voice Voice Voice and and and T.140 T.140 T.140 T.140 T.140 video video video AL1 H.245 AL1 H.245 H.224 T.134 T.124 Equal-izers Trans GCC parent H.223 H.221 H.223 T.123 Network Mobile V.18 V.34/V.80 access transmission PSTN ISDN PSTN Total Conversation -a standard family for all networks Ready Started Ready Ready Ready Ready H.323 / SIP H.323 / SIP Mobile system Voice Voice and and T.140 T.140 video video RTP RTP TCP/ TCP/ RTP RTP TCP/ RTP Mobile Network transmission access DATA IP MOBILE MOBILE IP H.248 Annex F. Gateway for text, voice and video Determined – Work continues

  14. Total Conversation and textphone harmonization Availability • 1999 First standardised Total Conversation terminal with T.140 and V.18 available. • 1999 Interpreter centre offers Total Conversation distance interpretation • 2000 V.18 based Virtual Text Network Announced in UK • 2000 Major text telephone vendor in USA announced semi V.18 text telephone

  15. Mobile networks is next field of action Mobile Total Conversation Interworking with the existing and emergingforms of text conversation is the key to success

  16. Standardisation, needed for successful service establishment • Co-operate in creating standards for interworking • Compete with the smartest implementation of the standards

  17. Society support • In resolution on Sign Language B4-0985/98, the European Parliament ”Calls on the commission to introduce a proposal for framework legislation to ensure compatibility of telecommunications text and videophone equipment for deaf people across Europe.” • Total Conversation can be the technical response on that request.

  18. Proposals • Support for • Pilot implementations and trials • Further standardisation as needs arise • Relay service establishment • Knowledge dissemination for future interworking • Procurements requiring the standards