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Landscaping HORT 226

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Landscaping HORT 226. Spring 2014 By: Heidi Clark Unit 1 Introduction. Introduction. History of Landscaping The need/want to assert our own personalities into our surroundings - By use of favorite colors, materials, plants etc. History.

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landscaping hort 226

LandscapingHORT 226

Spring 2014

By: Heidi Clark

Unit 1 Introduction


History of Landscaping

The need/want to assert our own personalities into our surroundings

- By use of favorite colors, materials, plants etc.


- Planning and designing landscapes has been around for centuries.

  • In the beginning they were only for the privileged aristocrats and the wealthy.
modern america
Modern America

Not until the latter half of this century was there a need for good planning and design used for:

- Individuals

- Businesses

- And Communities of all economic classes

As long as communities grow, develop and change there is and will always be a need for professional landscape planners and designers.

complex subject
Complex Subject
  • Landscaping is a complex and complicated subject.
  • It is a very technical skill.
    • All can be taught and learned
    • Skills learned:
      • Drawing a base site diagram
      • Drawing a design complete with symbols, and
      • Installing the design
areas of knowledge
Areas of Knowledge
  • Professional Designers must be knowledgeable in:
    • The basic principles of design
    • Plant identification
    • Plants habits
    • Plant hardiness
    • Landscape materials
    • Landscape site characteristics
    • Soils
    • Environmental conditions and most recently
    • Computer design
the art of landscaping
The art of Landscaping

As much as landscaping is techinical is is an art as well.

  • Landscaping assumes the influences of its designer – there will be no two landscape designs the same.
  • This is due to varying influences upon the designer, regardless of skill, all designers will experience growth and evolution in their creativity.
creative problem solving process
Creative problem- solving process

Sequential design process

  • Meet the Clients
  • Site Inventory and Analysis
  • Base Map Preparation
  • Program Development
  • Design Development
  • Design Presentation

- Will also include research of plant materials, landscape materials to simulate the real-life job environment.