investment presentation of the pridnestrovian moldavian republic n.
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  2. PMR TABLE OF CONTENTS General information State system Power Supply and Gasification Transport Infrastructure Agriculture and Industry Touristic-Recreational Opportunities Regional Peculiarities of Investment Policy

  3. General Information • The Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (Pridnestrovie) is a state located in the south-eastern part of Europe which occupies the left bank of the Dniester River within the borders of the former Moldavian SSR and a number of localities on the right bank – the city of Bendery with adjacent villages, as well as villages of the Slobodzeya regionsuch as Kopanka, Kitskany, Mereneshty, and Kremenchiug • Pridnestrovie shares borders with the Republic of Moldova on the west (411 km) and Ukraine on the south-east (405 km) • Landlocked • Total square is 4163 km² (10% of the territory of the MSSR)

  4. Population – 522 500 1.Moldovans – 31,9% 2.Russians – 30,4% 3. Ukrainians – 28,8%

  5. Official Languages Moldovan, Russian, Ukrainian Monetary Unit Pridnestrovian Ruble 1 ruble = 100 kopecks

  6. PMR Administrative-Territorial System Tiraspol Bendery Dnestrovsk Slobodzeya Grigoriopol Dubossary Kamenka Rybnitsa

  7. PMR’s State System The Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic is a Presidential Republic President of the PMR Head of the State, Guarantor of the PMR’s Constitution and Laws, Human and Citizens’ Rights and Freedoms, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic

  8. State Powers of the PMR Executive Judicial Legislative • Government • Chairman of the Government • Vice-Chairmen of the Government • Ministers • Heads of Public Administrations of Towns and Regions • Constitutional • Arbitration • Supreme • Courts of general jurisdiction • Supreme Council • Consists of 43 deputies

  9. Power Supply Installed capacity is 12 energy blocks, makes up 2520 MW Major fuels are gas and coal Moldovan GRES Export power energy to the CIS- and far-abroad countries Installed capacity makes up 48 thousandkW, annual average output - 260 mln. kWh. Dubossary GES

  10. 192 300 Dwelling houses and apartments are gasified 97% localities of the PMR are gasified 85% Dwelling houses about 4.2 thousand km of high-, medium- and low- pressure gas pipelines are maintained Gasification of Pridnestrovie

  11. Transport Infrastructure Territory of Pridnestrovie

  12. Transport Corridor Gdansk-Odessa Corridor’s length – 1816 km across Ukraine: railwayline – 918 km highways – 1208 km Transport Corridors IX Pan-European Transport Corridor comprises road and railroad components main route’s length – 3 400 km, total length – 6 500 км

  13. Giurgiuleşti Port (Republic of Moldova) on the Danube (about 300 km from Tiraspol) Reni Port (Ukraine) on the Danube (about 300 km from Tiraspol) Cargo Ports Black Sea Cargo Port in Ilyichevsk (Ukraine) about 150 km from Tiraspol

  14. Raw Materials Base for Construction Activities Pridnestrovie features its own base of raw materials: cement, limestone, sand, gravel and others Republic has functioning enterprises JSC Moldova Steel Works (Rybnitsa) CJSCRybnitsa Cement Plant

  15. JSC Moldova Steel Works

  16. CJSC Rybnitsa Cement Plant Construction lime Cement

  17. Agriculture Pridnestrovie has rich fertile lands, favourable climate conditions, sufficient water resources (the River Dniester) for land reclamation, large number of sunny days per year (the average July temperature is +21 C) and moderate winter temperature (average January temperature is -5 C) Agriculture concentrates today 275,0 thousandhaof farmland, 230,2 thousand ha (83,7%) of which is arable and 21,0 thousand ha (7,6%) is occupied byperennial plantings.

  18. Traditional and Priority Agricultural Sectors of Pridnestrovie

  19. Challenges for Agricultural Infrastructure Facilities

  20. Why Pridnestrovian Agriculture Is Investment-Worthy

  21. Sectors of Industrial Complex

  22. Types of Industrial Products Pridnestrovian Industry comprises 144 enterprises

  23. Touristic-Recreational Opportunitiesof Pridnestrovie Dniester Health Resort in Kamenka DnestrovskieZori Recreational Complex

  24. Health Resort“Dniester”(Kamenka) The health resort is located on the very bank of the Dniester. Parkland occupies more than 20 hectare and is surrounded by a hundred-meter rocky hill which fosters special climate conditions. . It is a large specialized balneo-climatic health resort. This region is often called little Switzerland. Here one can find a successful combination of mountain and river air, mild winters, continuous warm summer, barometric pressure and relative humidity perfect for health improvement and proper rest. Diagnostic and treatment base of the health resort features all necessary modern methods of treatment and diagnosis. The main factors for good rest and fruitful treatment are aerotherapy, air and sun bathing, swimming in the water of the Dniester. Directly on the territory of the health center there is a functioning well of medical-mineral water “Dnestryanka”.

  25. Recreational Complex“DnestrovskieZori”(“Dniester Dawns”) Health complex is located on the bank of the Dniester River in the village of Mereneshty, between Tiraspol and Bendery. Plenty of sunny days, picturesque forest area, clear river air of the Dniester valley and available natural springs of mineral water of the “Truskavets” type create excellent conditions for rest and treatment. Health complex occupies 50 hectare of forest, has four double-stored capital residential buildings with rooms equipped with all modern conveniences. Main treatment features of the “Dniester Dawns” health center are climatotherapy and balneotherapy based on the use of natural mineral water. Chemical effects of the mineral water on the organism are directly connected with the presence of hydrogen sulfide, sulfates, chloride of sodium, iodine, bromine, and calcium in it.

  26. Natural and Cultural-HistoricMonuments of Pridnestrovie Grigoriopol Region

  27. Slobodzeya Region

  28. Dubossary Region

  29. Kamenka region

  30. Rybnitsa Region

  31. Rybnitsa Region

  32. Foreign investors in the PMR

  33. Types of Investment

  34. Capital Expenditures of Organizations according to Forms of Property

  35. Competitive Advantages of the PMR

  36. PMR’s Investment Legislation

  37. Customs Preferences

  38. Tax Preferences Organizations with foreign investment with more than 50% of revenue from sales of products (works, services) of own production are entitled, during 5 years after receiving the first income from sales of products (works, services) of own production, to reduced tax rate on income from sales of products (works, services) in the following amounts, depending on the amount of actually introduced foreign investment in the registered found (capital) of organizations:

  39. Preferences for Investors in Innovation Types of Activity for the Period of:

  40. Areas of Investment Activity

  41. Thank You!