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  1. Solent Green Deal Presented by Carol White Gill Flaherty – Green Deal Project Manager, Portsmouth City Council Bruce Lomax – Private Sector Housing Manager, Portsmouth City Council Phone number 0800 052 2242

  2. Background • Solent Green Deal proposal report supported by The Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH) in March 2012 • Pioneer Places Fund Bid of £500,000 awarded in December 2012 • Project Managers appointed from Portsmouth City Council and Eastleigh Borough Council (seconded from Local Energy) • Lead authority group consisting of Portsmouth, Eastleigh and Southampton Councils and First Wessex • Extended partnerships with Local Energy, BioRegionaland Association for the Conservation of Energy (ACE) Phone number 0800 052 2242

  3. Project Aims • The project aimed to deliver 10,000 private sector Green Deals in Hampshire 1st April 2018 • Increase awareness and uptake of Green Deal by Private Sector landlords, tenants, owner occupiers and vulnerable groups • Increase training and employment opportunities within Hampshire and ensure that the project brings maximum benefit to the local economy • Provide a fair and impartial local authority service that prioritises residents’ best interests • Facilitate access to ECO funding streams for local authority and RSL stock • Support local authorities in delivering small scale projects, e.g. mobile home parks, system built schemes, etc. Phone number 0800 052 2242

  4. Key Areas • Green Deal Assessor Organisation • Portsmouth City Council qualified as a Green Deal Assessor Organisation (GDAO) in May 2013 • Management and Monitoring of the technical aspects of the scheme • Support and guidance to Green Deal Advisors (GDAs) • Direct link to Green Deal Providers • Upholding audit requirements in line with national government standards • Website • Comprehensive information site including pages on funding, measures available, and landlord/tenant and contractor specific areas • Online enquiry and registration • Energy quiz focused on behavioural change Phone number 0800 052 2242

  5. Green Deal Wizard • Self assessment tool to determine eligible works • Funding assessment gives guidance on finance packages available • Based on RdSAP data used for full assessments • Marketing • External marketing company developed the Solent Green Deal colours and branding • Toolkit and guidance documents available for all authorities to develop future campaigns • Leaflet, poster and online templates designed • Press releases, survey and radio info developed • Communications strategy created with Portsmouth City Council for continuing campaign • Concentrating on in-house channels with some use of local media, e.g. The News, The Echo, Wave FM Phone number 0800 052 2242

  6. Phone number 0800 052 2242

  7. Show Homes • Three mobile exhibition kits for use in vacant properties and shops throughout the region • Interactive displays giving information on energy saving, behavioural change and Green Deal measures • Two fully branded Hybrid transit vans to transport the equipment • Some items also suitable for use at road shows, events days, etc. • Independent static show home in Portsmouth with more focus on fuel poverty and vulnerable residents • Workshops on draught proofing, secondary glazing, appliance use • Dedicated staff • Permanent full-time Project Manager • 3 Green Deal Advisors • The 6 trainees are progressing well with their portfolios, however some are finding it is taking longer than expected to get through the work. Phone number 0800 052 2242

  8. Phone number 0800 052 2242

  9. Employment and Apprenticeships • Regular contact with Highbury, Eastleigh and Southampton Colleges to develop Green Deal training • Joint prospectus providing courses to the energy industry • Presence at relevant events, e.g. Future Solent conference • Plans to introduce ‘Builder’s Breakfasts’ to encourage SME awareness and uptake • Agreed 70/30 split in favour of local SMEs being contracted by our Providers • Providers • Tender for Green Deal Providers to access Green Deal Finance, ECO and arrange installation • Providers are: Scottish and Southern • Local Energy • Climate Energy Solutions Phone number 0800 052 2242

  10. Added value • Our residents have confidence in the support and assurances that a local authority scheme provides from start to finish • The client gets value for money with no add-ons, and competitive prices that we constantly monitor • All GDAs are council employees, with the primary aim of providing advice and guidance • We enjoy strong existing partnerships between local authorities, and with other external organisations, RSLs and community groups • Working as a collaboration greatly reduces costs – authorities have the option of joining at no cost to themselves Phone number 0800 052 2242

  11. So far… • 658 Hampshire-wide enquiries during 2013 • 138 GD assessments were carried out • 685 unique visitors to the website • 31% of these return to the site • 59% of visitors explore the site • Average visit time is 4 mins 32 secs • Phone number 0800 052 2242

  12. ENQUIRIES BY SOURCE Phone number 0800 052 2242

  13. ENQUIRIES BY SOURCE These statistics cover 1 Jan 2013 to 31 Dec 2013, taking into account the gradual development and progress of the project. Phone number 0800 052 2242

  14. What next? • All remaining authorities in Hampshire have joined the scheme except Basingstoke & Deane & Hart District Councils who have made their own arrangements with a provider. • Installations commenced in early October • Potentially 7 more GDAs • Continue to support colleges in developing a collaborative Green Deal training programme • Work to encourage SME involvement as scheme takes off on a national level • Investigate ways in which Solent Green Deal can help the vulnerable and those in fuel poverty across Hampshire Phone number 0800 052 2242