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Welcome to Recruitment Guidelines & Resources. California State University, East Bay Office of Human Resources. Objectives. Understand the CSUEB staff hiring process Understand the legalities of hiring Be able to establish screening criteria Be able to construct good interview questions

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Welcome to recruitment guidelines resources

Welcome to Recruitment Guidelines & Resources

California State University, East Bay

Office of Human Resources


  • Understand the CSUEB staff hiring process

  • Understand the legalities of hiring

  • Be able to establish screening criteria

  • Be able to construct good interview questions

  • Be able to conduct thorough reference checks

  • Understand what’s expected once your new employee has been hired

What s required
What’s Required

  • Job Description with organizational chart

  • Online Recruitment Request to fill vacancy

  • Post vacancy for at least 14 days plus any additional advertising in print or on the web

  • Establish an Interview Committee

  • Establish Screening Criteria

  • Conduct the Interview

  • Prepare the Offer

  • Start the New Employee

Job description
Job Description

  • All bargaining unit positions require a job description

  • For new positions, HR must approve the classification level before posting the position

  • All job descriptions must be submitted on the CSUEB job description form available online at: www.csueastbay.edu/hr/recruitment.html

Job description cont d
Job Description (cont’d.):

  • Purpose:

    • Outline duties and responsibilities for the position

    • Outline expectations for the performance of the duties and responsibilities

    • Identify knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform the duties

    • Identify preferences for experience and skills required for the position

    • Official organizational chart, highlighting vacant position

    • Signatures authorizing position and assigned duties

Recruitment request to fill vacant position
Recruitment Request to Fill Vacant Position

  • Contains all relevant information to recruit position

    • PS #, timebase, classification, working title, location, work schedule

  • Basic description should be prepared for the recruitment announcement

  • Contact information for recruitment

  • Signatures authorizing recruitment

  • Online Recruitment Request available in PeopleSoft

Job posting
Job Posting

  • All recruited positions must be posted for a minimum of 14 calendar days

  • Hard-to-recruit positions should have additional advertising (i.e., print or on-line resources)

  • Advertising costs are the responsibility of the hiring department

  • Closing date can be extended (hard date) or left Open Until Filled with a begin review date noted in the announcement

What to do while the vacancy is being advertised
What to do while the vacancy is being advertised…

  • Establish a Search Committee

  • Usually up to 3 members on the Committee

  • When composing Committee, keep in mind:

    • Diversity in ethnicity and gender representation

    • Classification representation

What to do cont d
What to do… (cont’d.)

(2) Establish Screening Criteria:

  • Minimum Qualifications for the position (Yes/No)

  • Required experience, skills and/or abilities for the position

  • Desired experience, skills, abilities and/or characteristics

  • Must be listed in the Job Announcement to be used for screening

  • Point spread for screening criteria should be wide (e.g., 1-10 points)

Screening criteria cont d
Screening Criteria…(cont’d.)

  • Must be approved by HR before applications are forwarded to committee for review

  • Hiring manager/supervisor can screen initially for Minimum Qualifications

    • Applications not meeting MQ’s do not go forward

  • Search Committee screens remaining applications for secondary criteria

    • Screening is based on information presented by the applicant

    • Do not make assumptions about experience or education which is not listed

    • Remember: the application itself is a test!

Screening criteria cont d1
Screening Criteria (cont’d.)…

  • Template for Application Screening Grid

    • List names alphabetically with the criteria listed across the top

  • Template Application Screening Summary

  • Both templates are on the HR forms web site:


What to do cont d1
What to do…..(cont’d.)

(3) Write your Interview Questions

  • Interview questions must be appropriate for the position and relate to:

    • Education

    • Experience

    • Skills, knowledge and abilities for the position

    • Situational questions (behavioral)

    • Interpersonal skills

    • Verbal communication skills

Interview questions cont d
Interview Questions (cont’d.)…

  • Interview Questions must be put on an Interview Rating Sheet

    • Allows for consistency in asking all applicants the same questions

    • Template for Interview Rating Sheet

      • Has scoring mechanism and comments section

    • Template for Interview Results Summary

    • Both templates can be found on the HR Forms web site: www.csueastbay.ed/hr/forms

Scheduling the interview
Scheduling the Interview

  • Department is responsible for scheduling the interviews

  • Normally a minimum of three (3) applicants, unless there are not three qualified applicants

  • Find a day(s) and times when all Committee members are available and establish schedule

  • Schedule a room where there is privacy

  • Contact selected applicants and offer a time & day

  • If applicant does not return call or e-mail request for interview, department not obligated to pursue

Conducting the interview
Conducting the Interview

  • Greet the applicant and introduce Committee members

  • Brief outline of job duties & responsibilities

  • Explain that you will be asking established questions and taking notes

  • Help the applicant to feel comfortable

  • Encourage the applicant to do the talking…not the Committee or Chair

  • Make sure the applicant understands the question asked; if necessary, repeat or re-word the question

Conducting the interview cont d
Conducting the Interview (cont’d.)

  • An Interview Rating Sheet must be completed by each Committee Member for each applicant interviewed

  • Written comments should be made for responses to each question

    • Comments must be job-related and not about personal characteristics

  • Wrap up the interview and thank the applicant

  • Be sure to stay on schedule and don’t keep the next applicant waiting

Second interviews
Second Interviews

  • All the basics from the first interview should be followed, including interview questions

  • Usually conducted by the hiring manager prior to a recommendation for hire

  • Committee should present final candidates to the manager in an unbiased manner

Reference checks
Reference Checks

  • A Reference Check must be conducted on the final candidate before the Hiring Packet goes to HR

  • A Reference Check form outlining what can be asked is required

  • At minimum, two Reference Checks must be conducted; can do more

    • With a current or prior supervisor

Preparation of offer
Preparation of Offer

  • Compile all materials used during selection process and submit to HR:

    • Application Screening Grid and Summary

    • Interview Rating Sheets and Summary

    • Summary of Interview Results Scores

Preparation of offer cont d
Preparation of Offer (cont’d.)…

  • Appointment Recommendation Form with selected applicant information, including proposed salary

  • Signatures of Committee Chair, Department Chair/Manager, Dean/Director

  • All materials go to HR for approval prior to an offer being extended

  • Once offer is approved, HR will notify the contact person of the approval

  • Make offer to applicant and secure a starting date

What if the candidate declines the offer
What if the candidate declines the offer?

  • If the candidate declines the position, an offer can be made to the next candidate

  • If the next candidate is not acceptable for this position, not interested, or no longer available, the department can re-post the job announcement

When your new employee starts working
When your new employee starts working…

  • Make the necessary office/desk arrangements

  • Have the new employee sign in with HR and Payroll within the first three (3) days of employment

  • Your employee will be scheduled for a New Employee Orientation (make a note of the date and time for your records)

  • Give the new employee a tour of the area

  • Make the necessary introductions

  • Make arrangements for the employee to get an office key

When your new employee starts working1
When your new employee starts working…

  • Your new employee will sign a copy of the approved job description at the time of sign-in with HR

    • HR will give employee a copy of signed job description

  • Discuss the expectations of the position so the employee knows the basis of evaluations

  • Probationary employees are evaluated by the end of the 3rd, 6th, and 11th months of employment – put them on your calendar

  • Schedule regular meetings with your new employee to make sure he/she ca be successful and provide feedback at those times

Other points to remember
Other Points to Remember

  • Everything that occurs with the hiring process is confidential

  • It is the Committee Chair’s responsibility to ensure that the hiring is free of any and all discrimination, bias and/or prejudice

  • All screening criteria and interview questions must be based on job-related criteria

  • Do not ask any personal questions related to legally protected areas

Legally protected areas
Legally Protected Areas

  • Age, national origin, religion

  • Sex, marital status, family

  • Race, color, sexual orientation

  • Birthplace, citizenship

  • Physical disability, medical condition

  • Organizations and activities outside of work

Review of steps
Review of Steps

  • Establish Committee

  • Establish Screening Criteria

  • Develop Interview Questions

    • Submit all three of the above to HR for approval before beginning the screening process

  • Screen Applications

    • Submit results to HR before conducting interviews

  • Conduct Interviews

  • Submit packet to HR for final approval


Please contact your HR Manager or Recruiter –

Kristine Fagundes x52077

Josie Robles x57503

Andre Johnson x52164

JoAnne Hill x52264

Codie Howe x53769

Thank you!