mission statement and shared values n.
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Mission Statement and Shared Values PowerPoint Presentation
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Mission Statement and Shared Values

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Mission Statement and Shared Values - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mission Statement and Shared Values . Central Intermediate Unit #10 Comprehensive Plan 2013-18.

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Mission Statement and Shared Values

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    1. Mission Statement and Shared Values Central Intermediate Unit #10 Comprehensive Plan 2013-18

    2. As an educational service agency, the CIU #10 promotes, supports, and provides for the academic achievement and career advancement of all learners through its role as a resourceful, results-focused partner with schools and communities in Centre, Clearfield, and Clinton Counties. Mission Statement

    3. Entrepreneurship Focus CIU # 10 will define its tasks and functions with an added entrepreneurial focus. After analysis of the needs of our educational clients, we will develop and market new ways to serve our clients. Shared Values

    4. Internal Support System Focus CIU # 10 will focus energy on collaboration among the various departments to provide quality and timely services to our educational clients by cultivating a respectful and supportive environment. Shared Values

    5. External Support System Focus CIU #10 will communicate systematically with schools and communities to exchange information about programs and services and will build strong, trusting, and mutually beneficial relationships. Shared Values

    6. Leadership Focus CIU # 10 will become the leadership liaison between our schools and communities and the Pennsylvania Department of Education to promote effective educational practice, advance student performance, and respond to statewide initiatives. Shared Values

    7. Professional Development Focus CIU # 10 invests in “cutting edge” professional development for our employees, thus empowering us to develop and deliver high-quality training and professional development programs for our schools, the community-at-large, and our employees. Shared Values

    8. 2012-13 Administrative Organization

    9. 2013-14 Administrative Organization

    10. Planning Committee

    11. Planning Committee

    12. Planning Committee

    13. Planning Committee

    14. PlanningCommittee