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The Confident Champion

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The Confident Champion
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The Confident Champion

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  1. The Confident Champion How to create breakthrough confidence and BELIEVE in yourself so you can deliver amazing peak performance, become and star athlete, and dominate your sport.

  2. 1. STOP losing your confidence, becoming passive and self-conscious, and over-thinking sport. When this happens, you perform at only a fraction of your potential and really don’t enjoy competing.

  3. 2. STOP competing overwhelmed with fear, choking, and getting worse and worse out there so that your performance goes up and down like a yo-yo and you lose playing time, get yelled at, or let your team down.

  4. 3. Try to compete with sub-par skills or skills that have hit a plateau so you really can’t accomplish your goals no matter how motivated you are because you don’t have the skills.

  5. 1. Create breakthrough confidence for yourself so that you are energized, confident, aggressive, and excited to perform whenever you go out there.

  6. 2. Transform yourself into a mentally tough athlete so you can deliver peak performances, get instant respect, and win consistently under pressure.

  7. 3. Develop consistent confidence by mastering the art of persistence and the will to win so you achieve total self-mastery and are in control of your athletic destiny.

  8. Session 1How to Create Unshakable Confidence and BELIEVE in Yourself in Sport

  9. Session 2How To Express Your True Greatness & Transform Yourself Into A Genuine STAR

  10. Session 3The Magic Formula for Becoming Fearless and Super-Charged with Confidence BEFORE You Compete

  11. Session 4CONSISTENT Confidence: How to Master the Art of Persistence & the Will to Win

  12. Session 5Relationship Mastery - How to Create Happy Relationships for Ultimate Confidence

  13. Session Three ReviewThe Magic Formula for Becoming Fearless and Super-Charged with Confidence BEFORE You Compete

  14. Eliminate The Fear of Making Mistakes • Learn the Code of the Samurai, which is the psychology of “winning beforehand” – once you know this formula, it will be like child’s play to take the lead early in competition, putting you in the driver’s seat.

  15. Good Nerves, Not Bad Nerves • What do to when you’re overwhelmed with nerves to become calm and energized, including how to transform “bad” nerves into self-trust and let go out there.

  16. Becoming Fearless Before You Compete • You discover how most athletes put massive pressure on themselves before competing and the most effective strategy for avoiding this trap to become fearless before you compete.

  17. Creating A Winning Self-Image Using GAME FACE 2.0 • Detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to set yourself up from the beginning of your event to be a fearless, confident competitor so it is easy and automatic for you to handle “rough patches” and sail through the situation

  18. EXERCISE – Creating the Proper RIGHT FOCUS for Correcting Errors Let’s create the proper RIGHT FOCUS to correct the most important error you are making. Here are the steps…

  19. EXERCISE – Creating the Proper RIGHT FOCUS for Correcting Errors 1) Describe in the space below the error you want to correct.

  20. EXERCISE – Creating the Proper RIGHT FOCUS for Correcting Errors 2) Describe how you would execute the skill three different ways.

  21. EXERCISE – Creating the Proper RIGHT FOCUS for Correcting Errors 3) Practice the skill this way three times this week. Notice what happens and make notes in your Athletes Journal. What is the difference in feel?

  22. EXERCISE - Your GAME FACE Psych Up Routine In the space below, put together a 10-30 minute individual GAME FACE routine for yourself that includes the following components: • A physical warm up that activates you • At least one affirmation • Emotional visualization planning

  23. Session Four Agenda CONSISTENT Confidence: How to Master the Art of Persistence & the Will to Win

  24. Crush Your Demon Stressors • Many athletes “fold” as soon as they face stressors like an angry coach, poor conditions, or irritating teammates. You will discover a simple, three step process to banish your mental storm clouds and restores total composure to your mind and body.

  25. The Magic of Killer Instinct • The majority of athletes try to coast across the ‘finish line’ without offending anybody in the process. How to gut it out and win no matter who you are competing against.

  26. How To Stay On Top After A Great Performance • Believe it or not, many athletes lose their confidence AFTER a major triumph – discover why and exactly how to set up your mental game to avoid this trap (and keep winning day in and day out).

  27. The Power of Self-Acceptance • The step-by-step process for curing the perfectionism and low self-esteem that rob you of your confidence and enjoyment of sport so you can be proud of yourself whether you have a good day or a not-so-good day out there.

  28. Stop The Performance Yo-Yo • Can’t transfer practice confidence to game confidence? You’ll discover exactly what’s going on in your brain and exactly how to eliminate this tendency permanently.

  29. Dealing with Losing • Champions do lose, but they deal with losses differently than everyone else. How to effectively deal with losing so it does not sap your confidence or de-rail your winning mindset.

  30. How to Unlock Hope • A clever, proven tactic to unlock hope originated by Martin Seligman, the world’s leading authority on optimism. This is going “undercover”. Pulling back the curtain to see the Wizard to learn THE time-tested strategy for defeating fear and pessimism. With this simple tactic, you can create momentum literally out of thin air.

  31. What is Confidence? Confidence is the belief that you can cope with the challenges of competition and fulfill your desires. It is a profound belief in your athletic self.

  32. We develop confidence from continually defeating fear using the three mental practices of the Confident Champion: Face It, Master It, and Make It Happen.

  33. Face It – The Practice of Consciousness Master It – The Practice of Competence Make It Happen – The Practice of Commitment

  34. When you engage in these three practices every day, you gain more and more CONTROL over your performance, which triggers your Confident Self.

  35. In Session one, two, and three, we focused mainly on the first two practices of the Confident Champion – Face It (face your fear) and Master It (master your sport). In Session Four and Five, we are going to bring in more of Make It Happen: The Practices of Commitment.

  36. Make It Happen: The Practice of Commitment The “Make It Happen” mindset is a pretty simple concept. Commitment is the “state of being committed to a cause.” In sport, that causing is winning.

  37. “Make It Happen” is the will to win. It’s taking full, 100% emotional accountability for the win and committing to it in your heart.

  38. Charles A. Garfield, author of Peak Performance - Mental Training Techniques of the World's Greatest Athletes and an athlete in power lifting, reminds us that our will controls our bodies…

  39. "The trained lifter knows that during the first few seconds before a lift, total attention must be focused on the bar, and the degree to which this is done is largely determined by how much he really WANTS to make the lift.

  40. If his confidence is lacking or his volition not intensely focused, he simply CAN'T make the lift; he just can't muster the necessary psychological control and muscle power.

  41. He can, however, turn away for a few moments, renew his confidence, reinforce his resolve, and rally with full force of his volition, and return to make the lift with relative ease."

  42. In 1983, played the New York Islanders for the Stanley Cup Championships and got swept, four-zip.

  43. “I contributed almost nothing: no goals, no assists…Their big four—Bossy, Trottier, Potvin and Smith—danced all over us. Smith especially. He slashed, dove, screamed, whatever it took. He was so fantastic they gave him the Conn Smythe Trophy as the Most Valuable Player and they should have given him two.

  44. After that game, I’d have liked to move to Fiji for four months. I knew what was coming. “He can’t win the big ones. He disappears under pressure. He stinks.” And you know what? I was almost starting to wonder myself.

  45. Kevin and I loaded up our troubles and our junk and made our way to the bus. We both knew we were going to have to walk by the Islander locker room and we were dreading it: having to see all the happy faces, the champagne shampoos, the girlfriends’ kisses, the whole scene we wanted so much.

  46. But as we walked by, we didn’t see any of that. The girlfriends and the coaches and the staff people were living it up, but the players weren’t. Trottier was icing what looked like a painful knee. Potvin was getting stuff rubbed on his shoulder. Guys were limping around with black eyes and bloody mouths….and here we were perfectly fine and healthy.

  47. That’s why they won and we lost…They took more punishment than we did. They dove into more boards, stuck their faces into more pucks, and threw their bodies into more pileups. They sacrificed everything they had.

  48. And that’s when Kevin said something I’ll never forget. ‘That’s how you win championships.’

  49. Make It Happen: The Practice of Commitment puts you back in control because when you resolve to never give up, you will inevitably find a solution to whatever challenge you’re facing.

  50. On some level, you know this. You understand that every great athlete who has come before you has faced the same challenges and figured them out. If you resolve to do the same, you have far more control over the outcome, and this triggers your Confident Self, especially because no one else in your sport is doing the same.