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IB Extended Essay

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IB Extended Essay. Requirements, Sources, Hints, and Deadlines. IB Learner Profile. IB learners strive to be: inquirers knowledgeable thinkers communicators principled open-minded caring risk-takers balanced reflective. IB Program Model. Nature of the Extended Essay.

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ib extended essay

IB Extended Essay

Requirements, Sources, Hints, and Deadlines

ib learner profile
IB Learner Profile

IB learners strive to be:











nature of the extended essay
Nature of the Extended Essay

Compulsory for all Diploma Program Students

Externally assessed and with the TOK essay contributes to 3 points in your total score

Independent research/investigation on a topic chosen by the student in cooperation with the supervisor/mentor

Chosen from a list of approved DP subjects

approved subject areas
Approved Subject Areas


Business and Management


Computer Science

Design Technology

English (Group 1)





World Language (Group 2 )


Any other options via preapproval

such as music or world studies

You may only use subjects we teach in IB

school responsibilities what i am doing today
School Responsibilities(what I am doing today)

Ensure the EE conforms to the IB EE guide

Subject is approved from listing in guide

Ensure student has a qualified Supervisor who teaches within the school

Provides student and supervisors with general and subject specific information and guidelines for the EE

Provides supervisors with EE subject reports

Explains importance of EE to students

Explains to students that they will spend approximately 40 hours on their EE

Sets internal deadlines for the EE

Ensure that students have been taught research skills

Provides training for supervisors

supervisor responsibility
Supervisor Responsibility

Provide student with advice and guidance in the skills of undertaking research

Encourages and supports the student during the process

Discusses the choice of topic within the subject area and help to formulate a well-focused research question

Checks the legal, ethical and safety concerns of the research

Monitors student progress and offers guidance as needed

Reads and comments on ONE completed draft only of the extended essay (but does not edit the draft)

Read the final version to confirm authenticity

Submits predicted grade to the IB coordinator

Completes the supervisor report

Reports any concern with malpractice to the IB coordinator (See my website)

student responsibility
Student Responsibility

Choose a topic that fits into one of the approved subjects

Observe the IB EE guidelines

Meet deadlines

Acknowledges all sources of information and ideas in an approved manner

See honesty/plagiarism information on my website

advice to students from examiners
Advice to students from Examiners
  • Before you start:
    • Read the assessment criteria
    • Read previous EE (see samples in reference section of library)
    • Spend time on your research question
    • Work out a structure for the essay (outline)
  • During your research
    • Start work early and stick to deadlines
    • Keep your supervisor in the loop
    • Construct an argument that relates to the research question
    • Use the library and consult librarians (More later)
    • Record your sources as you go
    • Use appropriate language for your subject
    • Let your interest and enthusiasm show!
things to avoid
Things to avoid

Do not work with a research question that is too broad or too vague, too narrow , too difficult, or inappropriate. It must be answerable within the 4000 word limit.

Students should NOT:

forget to analyze the research question

ignore the assessment criteria

collect material irrelevant to the Research Question

use the internet uncritically (brochure)


merely describe or report (there must be evidence to support an argument)

repeat the introduction in the conclusion

cite sources that are not used

the details see the extended essay guide

Research Process: This is clearly depicted in the EE guide on my website: READ IT!!

Writing the EE: Follow the requirements, this is the easiest thing to do and the easiest to make a mistake on: PROOFREAD CAREFULLY!!

Length: 4000 word limit includes the introduction, body, conclusion and quotations only!

Title: Be clear of the focus of the essay

Abstract: DO LAST! Make sure to include the research question, scope of investigation (how), and the conclusion. ONLY 300 words or less.

Contents: Done last. All pages numbered.

Illustrations: Make sure they are relevant and easily read.

Bibliographies, references, and citations: use www.ilovelibraries.com or some other source for your documentation style. Without accurate bibliography and references you are likely to be found guilty of MALPRACTICE!

Appendices, footnotes and endnotes: not required to be read, but use if necessary. Anything relevant to your research should be in the main essay.

assessment criteria
Assessment Criteria

A: Research Question – 2 points

B: Introduction – 2 points

C: Investigation – 4 points

D: Knowledge and Understanding of topic studied – 4 points

E: Reasoned Argument – 4 points

F: Application of analytical and evaluative skills appropriate to the subject – 4 points

G: Use of appropriate language – 4 points

H: Conclusion – 2 points

I: formal Presentation – 4 points

J: abstract – 2 points

K: Holistic Judgment – 4points


Best resource is your Supervisor/Mentor

FJUHSD Library site: www.ilovelibraries.com

Sample EE online as well as in the library, citation notes, resources, etc.

University of California at Irvine (Langson Library): http://www.lib.uci.edu/

CSUF Pollack Library: http://www.library.fullerton.edu/

All provide information on documentation styles/citations, subject specific resources, and a knowledgeable librarian! You can log on as a visitor to both the UC and CSU libraries.


October 18: research proposal form due!

December 6: resources/research

January 13: Outline

March 3: First Draft

May 31: Final Draft

Slight variations for science if they are doing individual experiments.

Rough and final draft must be submitted on www.turnitin.com Log in and signup to class “Extended Essay 2012-13” with the following information:

Class ID: 7093846

Password: IBEE