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The Maryland Colony!. By: Allie And Jenna. First people Early settlers Life in the colony Work and trade in the colony Colony’s exports Community, Faith and religion Becoming a state Statehood and number of the 50 Other important facts. Table of Contents. Maryland's First People!.

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by allie and jenna

The Maryland Colony!

By: Allie And Jenna

table of contents
First people

Early settlers

Life in the colony

Work and trade in the colony

Colony’s exports

Community, Faith and religion

Becoming a state

Statehood and number of the 50

Other important facts

Table of Contents

Maryland's First People!

In 1634 English settlers arrived in what is now Maryland. The English settlers took what used to be land of the Algonquian tribe. Women grew beans, corn, and squash. The men hunted and fished. They ate fish from the Chesapeake bay. The Algonquian used jewelry money. They Also traded with near by tribes.They Hunted the White Tail deer.


State bird

Early Settlers!

Maryland began as the dream of George Calvert. He was the first lord of Baltimore.

Lord Baltimore wanted a place where Catholics would live Better lives.


More Early Settlers!

In the 1600’s (England) Catholics where not allowed to worship in public. They also could not hold government jobs. Lord Baltimore wanted a place where Catholics Would have better life's. The lord asked King Charles 1 (England) to start a colony in North America.


Life in the Colony!

Colonists Started over in a new land. They had to build houses , schools , and churches. Almost all the colonists supplies had to be shipped from Europe. Most of the building projects were often delayed . The settlers had to learn how to grow new crops. They cleared forests to plant small fields of corn and tobacco. Farmers grew fruits and vegetables to feed their families. They raised pigs and chickens. They also hunted and fished.


Work and Trade!

Maryland’s economy depended on farming . Farmers grew most of their own food . Colonist’s grew squash and other crops. Maryland’s soil was good for growing tobacco. Tobacco sold for a high price in England. Growing tobacco was hard work , that’s why people had indentured servants. In the 1680’s, black people from Africa were shipped to Maryland to work as slaves.

Barrel And tobacco


Colony's Exports!

The colony’s exports are…

  • Corn
  • Fruit
  • Tobacco
  • Bricks
  • Iron
  • Ships
  • Fish and seafood
  • Lumber

Community, Faith,and Religion!

Some of the first colonies were started for people of only one religious faith. These colonies passed laws punishing people who practiced a different religion, Maryland was different. The Calverts of Maryland wanted people of different faiths to work and live together. Most Maryland settlers felt the same way.


Becoming a State!

By the 1760’s the 13 American colonies had been settled for at least 150 years. The colonies had there own economies and ways of life. The colonist began to dislike Great Britten's control over them. When the British taxed tea and paper, the colonists were angry. The people of Maryland thought the taxes were unfair. In 1774 colonies formed the Continental Congress.


Statehood And Number of the 50!

In July 1776, members of congress approved the Declaration of Independence. This document declared the colonies Independent states, free of British rule. On April, 28,1788, the Maryland colonist adopted the Constitution. It was the 7th state to join the US.To gain there freedom the colonies fought against great Britten in the Revolutionary War.


1 medium onion

1 medium tomato

4 sprigs fresh parsley or 1 teaspoon dried parsley

¼ cup of butter

1 pound crabmeat (fresh, frozen, or canned

½ teaspoon of salt

½ teaspoon nutmeg

½ half cup of fresh bread crumbs

1 cup of heavy cream

Extra Info!

One of the things they made was Crab Stew. Here is the recipe! The Maryland Colony was in the Southern colonies.