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Matt DeAngelis. How to play Tchoukball. For high school students. Origin. Sports national symbol. Tchoukball was created in Switzerland . It has become an international sport Dr. Hermann Brandt was the developer of the sport.

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Matt deangelis

Matt DeAngelis

How to play Tchoukball

For high school students


Sports national symbol

  • Tchoukball was created in Switzerland.

  • It has become an international sport

  • Dr. Hermann Brandt was the developer of the sport.

  • Being a doctor of sport related injuries, he developed a competitive game with no contact.

  • He combined handball, volleyball and squash into one game.

Where is the sport played
Where is the sport played

  • Tchoukball is a sport that is usually played on an indoor court.

  • It also can be played outside on grass or sand.

  • A non-rough landing are is needed.

  • The dimensions of the courts are 40 meters long by a width of 20 meter. Also notice the Forbidden Zone

How to play video
How to Play video


Now lets review the forbidden zone
Now Lets ReviewThe Forbidden Zone

  • Notice the yellow line.

  • It is a 3 meter perimeter around this net.

  • It marks an area of the court you are not allowed to step into.

  • A winger is allowed to run with the ball and jump over the line to attack the net or pass the ball.

  • They are not allowed to step in this are with the ball though.

  • This will be discussed later.

The team
The Team

  • A team is comprised of 12 players.

  • Only 7 players are allowed on the court at one time.

  • Each team has 4 wingers two centers and a middle man.

  • Any one on the team can score a point.

Team work is key!

How to score
How to Score

  • You must throw the ball off the frame, and make it land outside the forbidden zone.

  • You can attack either of the two frames.

  • You are not limited to one end of the playing fieldlike most sports.

  • It’s the other team’s point if..

    • the attacking team throws the ball out of bounds because they missed the frame.

    • your ball bounces out of bounds after it hits the net.


Defend against a point

  • To prevent a point you can catch the ball as it is bounced off the frame.

  • Notice the five people to the right. They are in a defensive position to catch the ball to defend against being scored on.

Defensive cont
Defensive cont…

  • Other sports like football & basketball you are allowed to intercept passes or try and block the thrower, etc…

  • This is NOT allowed in Tchoukball.

  • Any type of defensive play besides catching a ball off the frameis considered a foul.

  • A foul means the opposite team gets the ball wherever the foul occurred.

Catching the ball
Catching the ball

  • You must catch the ball.

  • If the ball hits your feet or shin, it is not a catch.

  • Notice the defense is on their knees so that all of their visible body arein play.

  • If the ball hits the ground

    it is not a catch

  • How to catch


All fouls result in the other team’s possession or will count as a point.

  • If the ball touches the ground

  • Intercepting of blocking the ball

  • More then three steps

  • Illegal catch

  • Hold the ball longer then 3 seconds

Fouls cont
Fouls cont…

  • More then three passes (or less than one)

  • Player steps out of bounds with ball

  • Steps in forbidden zone with ball

  • Hitting metal frame of net with ball

  • Shooting at the same net for a fourth time

  • Shooting after restart, before ball has crossed half court.


  • Substitutions should take place in front of referee

  • Subs must wait until a point is scored

  • Each team has unlimited substitutions


  • This court shows two teams

  • A green and a red team

  • The green team is being defensive

  • The red team is playing offensive

  • This is how a game starts

Positioning cont
Positioning cont…

  • Playing defensively

    • Having three people lined up on Forbidden Line

    • Also having thee more players lined up behind them

    • A total of six players will try and defend a throw

    • Only your one center will stay on the other half of the court

Positioning cont1
Positioning cont….

  • Playing Offensively

    • Notice how the offense is spread

    • They can attack from any angle

    • Or they can change sides of the court

Positioning cont2
Positioning cont…

  • The offense will move the ball fast

  • Try and find a good angle to throw

  • The defense needs to adjust quickly

  • Be ready for a throw at any time

Positioning transition
Positioning Transition

  • If the defense catches the ball

    • They can attack from the point of the catch

    • They have three throws on one side of the court

    • Or they can transition to the other side of the court

    • All players have to be fast!

    • They need to move from one side to the other

    • Following the defense or the offensive flow

The ball
The ball

  • Similar to a soccer ball, but smaller

  • The ball changes size and weight

  • The older the player, heavier and bigger ball

  • Women also get their own ball

  • Ball ranges from 54cm-60cm

  • Weights from 325g to 475g

Full motion game
Full motion game

Now that you know

Now that you know…

Lets go play!!!