Eng 121 comparative analysis presentation
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ENG 121 Comparative Analysis Presentation. Presented By: Billy Daniels. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court By: Mark Twain. Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Pen name is Mark Twain Born on November 30, 1835 Died on April 21, 1920 Had a wife and 4 children. Background.

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Eng 121 comparative analysis presentation

ENG 121Comparative AnalysisPresentation

Presented By: Billy Daniels

Samuel langhorne clemens
Samuel Langhorne Clemens

Pen name is Mark Twain

Born on November 30, 1835

Died on April 21, 1920

Had a wife and 4 children


Mark Twain started the book in December 1885 and was finished in the spring of 1889

This was his first presentation of his disappointment with politics

Inspired by his other works Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn and Prince and the Pauper

Main characters
Main Characters

  • The Yankee

  • Clarence

  • Sandy

  • King Arthur

  • Merlin

  • Sir Launcelot

  • Guenever

  • Sir Sagramor

  • Sir Dinadan

  • Morgan Le Fay

  • Sir Kay

  • Marco

  • Dowley


  • Social Inequality

  • Rivalry

  • Quest & Knowledge

Quest and knowledge
Quest and Knowledge

  • The Yankee detects unfairness within the walls of Camelot when he first arrives and instantly wants to create a better city

  • Seeks adventure based on new ideas and advancements

Social inequality
Social Inequality

  • Peasants eat poor food and live in filthy living spaces

  • Knights and kings live in luxurious spacious and are colorfully decorated


  • The friend/enemy relationship between the Yankee and Merlin is one that started out competitive but led to a battle-like scene of hate

  • They both are competing for the love of the people and for their own personal pride

Time periods culture
Time Periods/Culture

  • The time period this novel takes place in during King Arthurs reign. The Catholic church had a huge reach over the people.

  • When this was written many different cultures did not like the novel thinking it portrayed their country in a negative way

Related to course
Related To Course

  • This story is directly related to “Hacking Literature” because it mixes so many different cultures and themes and combines them to create a complex story line.

  • The role of advancement is very important and keeping up with technology

Eng 121 comparative analysis presentation

Jurassic Park

By: Michael Crichton

John michael crichton
John Michael Crichton

Pen name is John Lange, Jeffrey Hudson, Michael Douglas

Born on October 23, 1942 in Chicago, Illinois

Died on November 4, 2008 in Los Angeles, California

Had 5 different wives and 2 children


In 1990 Crichton published the novel utilizing the idea of “fiction is fact”

Crichton wrote many novels and even short stories while writing speeches

He had 14 novels that had adapted into films and 2 television series

Main characters1
Main Characters

  • Dr. Alan Grant

  • John Hammond

  • Dr. Ian Malcolm

  • Tim Murphy

  • Lex Murphy

  • Donald Gennaro

  • Dr. Ellie Sattler

  • Dr. Henry Wu

  • Dennis Nedry


  • Danger of Technology

  • Quest and Knowledge

  • Similarities and differences between dinosaurs, reptiles, mammals, birds and humans

Danger of technology
Danger of Technology

  • Because Hammond does not want to have an island full of employee, the park is designed to be efficient and be ran and operated using a computer system

  • The system, however has many issues that leads to not only chaos but even death

Similarities between animals
Similarities Between Animals

  • The dinosaurs conclusively revolves around the idea that they are original life forms of animals that we can related to today.

  • There are many reference that portray this thinking, even just the in depth research of the word “Raptor”

Time periods culture1
Time Periods/Culture

  • This novel is rather different from the other because this story is based in the relative “now”.

  • This novel combines contemporary technical and scientific findings with past influences used to try to fulfill modern wants and entertainment

Related to course1
Related To Course

  • This Novel is directly related to “Hacking Literature” because the dinosaurs themselves are a piece of art and could represent literature. They all have their own story and with that, they were created by hacking the DNA code.

Compare and contrast
Compare and Contrast

  • Comparing these two stories, they are rather different but have one strong common theme, and that is the need and want for knowledge

  • Both plots seem to be motivated and pushed by wanting to be better and know more about technology but in their own way

I nteraction between themes
Interaction Between Themes

  • With technology this deals with the innovation to keep developing new things such as new agriculture and economic strategies as the Yankee did. This is directly related to Dr. Alan Grant who saw the opportunity to create dinosaurs and rebirthed them using very sophisticated technology

Shared elements
Shared Elements

  • Some shared elements include the advancement of civilization, Passion for both the Yankee and Dr. Alan Grant for their projects and life they were so much involved with.

  • A quest is also relevant in both stories which will be explained in further detail


  • In conclusion both stories are unique in their ways but have one common theme that was portrayed all throughout both novels. The theme of Quest and Knowledge. The drive for more information and better technology that both lead to a quest, one of which was more positive than the other


  • Mark, Twain. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. 1889. Print.

  • Michael, Crichton. Jurassic Park.1990. Print.