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Masaref Consulting Actual Global Limit AGL. Session By Wagdy Mounir T24 Technical Consultant. Agenda. Work Shop 1. Work Shop 3. Introduction. 1- Parameters 2- AGL Setup 3- Document Setup. 1- AGL Layers 2- AGL Work Flow 3- AGL Document Managment. 1- AGL Application

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Presentation Transcript

Masaref Consulting

Actual Global Limit AGL

Session By

Wagdy Mounir

T24 Technical Consultant


Work Shop 1

Work Shop 3


1- Parameters

2- AGL Setup

3- Document Setup

1- AGL Layers

2- AGL Work Flow

3- AGL Document Managment

1- AGL Application

2- Scoring Demo

1- Who are we ?

2- Why AGL?

3- What is Scoring?

Inma Bank Case

1- Core Doesn’t meet Requirements

2- Security Issues

Work Shop 2

1- Employer Sample

2- Pre Global Limit Demo

Actual Global Limit


Who are we
Who Are We ?

  • MASAREF is a software solution and professional services company, specialized in Temenos T24 and Islamic core banking system.

  • MASAREF is based in Dubai (UAE) and operating in the Middle East, our aim is to expand throughout the region.

Why agl
Why AGL ?

  • Actual global limit is a very necessary product for any bank as based on it the bank can supply any of his products.

  • AGL. Make it secure for all Islamic and non-Islamic loans and products.

  • AGL. Keeps tracking on the customer scores.

  • AGL. Automated system to calculate the maximum funding for a specific customer

  • AGL. Calculate automatically the products that the customer is eligible for.

What is scoring
What Is Scoring ?

  • In T24 each customer get his own scoring depends on some ready inserted parameters such as

    • Age

    • Salary

    • Car owner

    • Occupation

    • Profession

    • Etc.

      Finally for each of this parameter values he get a score according to a predefined parameter table.

Inma Bank Case

Al inma bank pain point
Al-Inma Bank Pain Point

There was two main big Pain Points :

  • Not satisfied by the core limit system

  • Security issues for the Saudi Market.

Agl layers
AGL. Layers

  • Sector Layer

    • Employer sectors layer

  • Employer Layer

    • Non Saudi employer

    • Saudi Employer

  • Customer Date Filtration Layer

    • Based on customer provided data (Age and retirement age)

    • Military and non military customers handling

    • ESOB handeling.

  • Scoring Layer

    • As per the provided data per product.

Agl count
AGL. Count.

  • There are two types of Global Limit :

    • Actual Global Limit.

    • Preliminary Global Limit.

  • Actual Global Limit (AGL) System is the T24’s part that managed the first process of obtaining Personal Finance. The functionality supported by AGL System are:

    • applying for Global Limit

    • calculating customer’s scores

    • calculating Global Limit based on customer’s scores,

    • Applying for PF Products.

  • Prerequisite configuration
    Prerequisite Configuration

    • Employer Sector

    • Approved employer

    • Required documents and its samples

    • Authorization person and their signatures

    • Some parameters

    • Rejection reasons

    • GL types

    • Military Rank


    Prerequisite Configuration

    Fill GL Application

    Review and Fill Additional Info

    Defining Caps (4 steps)

    Approval & Rejection

    Personal Scoring

    Checking SIMAH


    • Masaref had designed a new Actual Global Limit module to satesfy the Saudian market needs

    • This Module is implemented and test in many areas

    • System in now live in Al inma Bank for example.

    Thank you
    Thank You

    Masaref Consulting