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Interactive Media Industry

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Interactive Media Industry . Jamie Gibson and Platon Lynch . What is interactive media? .

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Interactive Media Industry

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interactive media industry

Interactive Media Industry

Jamie Gibson and Platon Lynch

what is interactive media
What is interactive media?
  • Interactive Media is a very new industry that primarily employs young people and is still developing at a rapid rate.Interactive Media is mainly based around digital media, graphics, animation, video, audio and games etc. Interactive Media is mainly engaging the audiences needs and interact with them using these resources.
  • Movies and TV shows are usually not considered as interactive media, however programs that demand the audiences engagement could be seen as interactive media for example, the red button on your remote allows the audience to engage.
national multinational and c ross media
National, Multinational and Cross Media
  • The BBC is a national (UK) media company which include the following TV, film, news, radio and interactive media. Also the BBC have online interactive media websites such as BBC Online, BBC iPlayer and a BBC Channel on YouTube.
  • The company BBC owns eight television channels (BBC 1-4, Cbeebies, CBBC, BBC News and BBC Parliament) . The BBC also own an interactive TV Channel.
  • Also the BBC own ten NATIONAL radio stations.
multinational corporation
Multinational Corporation
  • Google would be a multinational corporation because it is a world world website, anyone around the world can access Google if they have internet connection.
  • Google’s services and products offer are a ‘perfect search engine’ which gives you the specific information you are looking for automatically. Google offer services such as Gmail, an email which is connected to Google.
  • Gmail offers products such as Google Translate, Google Maps, Google News, Google Blogs, Google Mobile (get Google products on your phone), Image Search, Google Drive, ect.
  • In terms of the market place Google is one of the most biggest search engines around the world as they provide other services. There competitors could be Microsoft, and Yahoo as they also offer similar products such as Emails and Search Engines.
multinational cooperation
Multinational Cooperation
  • The reason why Google is a multinational cooperation is it has merged with other interactive media websites such as YouTube. Google has taken over YouTube and is now the owners of it.
  • Google was founded by Bill Shor, however it is a public cooperation with many people owning Google. There are founders of Google also, this being Larry Page and Sergey Brin.
  • Alberton is a software development company founded by programmer Tim Ault in 2002.
  • They are known for having clients that are high standing figures/organizations in society such as Oxford University and the prince’s rainforest trust.
the company
The company
  • The company is local which means its only based in Oxford
  • The shareholders are owned by individual members of team
  • It’s a private limited company
  • The competition is other local web designers based in Oxford
  • They get income from clients that want websites and other web services.
  • SB.TV is a multi-faceted national company currently run by a small team and owned by Jamal Edwards.
  • SB.TV is a private company which means it can be owned either by non-governmental organizations or by shareholders.
  • SB.TV is in partnership with multiple companies such as; SOLA, Urban Development, Livity, Vinspired, Virgin Unite, Signal Noise, Oxygen 24, CreativeNerds, TSOHost
  • Horizontal integration is when a certain type of business expands into different sectors when it comes to horizontal integration SBTV touch on this. Horizontal integration usually occurs when an company is bought by another company, MTV used this to buy a company they then had competition with ‘Harmonix’ for $100 million so they have less competition and gain more profit in the long run. SB.TV does not only shoot videos but offer many different services
  • SBTV also use the vertical integration tactic as they’ve more or less been a urban brand they want to establish themselves as a mainstream brand. They did this by instead of focusing on different variations of hood music video and freestyles they brought in the A64 series which allowed singers and instrumentalist a spotlight.
sources of income
Sources Of Income
  • The company started filming music videos and freestyles and then started charging musicians £25 for a solo then £20 per scene. A group charge would be £35
  • However since 2013 SB.TV only charges for music videos. Warm up sessions, F64’s and A64’s are all free
  • In mid October Jamal Edwards sold a stake of the company for £8million to a company called Miroma Ventures with a future investment of £1million. This money was invested so that SB.TV can focus on events, merchandise, mobile apps and e-commerce
  • SBTV have sub divisions of the company where SBTV Clothing, Jam Records and SBTV online all gain a revenue.
  • SBGamesAndGadgets
  • SBTV Clothing
  • SBTV:Fashion
  • SBTV Online
  • JamRecords

The two main competitors SB.TV face is Linkup TV and GRM Daily as they are challenging for the same market segment. SB.TV was the first broadcaster of its kind so therefore it has the advantage as being the first move leader. 1 thing I realised is that Jamal Edwards is the face of his company like how Bill Gates is to Microsoft like how Richard Branston is to Virgin. This is the social networking age, people don’t want to connect with just a brand people like to connect with people so this alone makes SB.TV cut above the competition with the general likeness appeal which Linkup TV & Grm lack. Jamal Edwards tweets 39.5 times a day, Sketchy co-founder of Grm Daily tweets 3 times a day and Rashid Kasirye once tweeted ‘Am not tweeting again until I make it.’ This keeps Jamal Edwards relevant which makes SB.TV more relevant and being the most relevant brand in the market will always be pinnacle to brand growth and further away from the competition.

However these two companies will always be competitors as they offer pretty much the same services, and both have a strong following. They both have their own unique series of video, SB.TV created; F.64 & A64, Warm Up Sessions and 3rd Degree. While Linkup TV have ‘Behind Bars’ and Grm Daily has ‘Daily Duppy’.

Linkup TV generate almost an average of 900,00 views monthly whilst Grm Daily claims to have millions of views a month. SB.TV gained 6.3 million within last month.