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Welcome!. Pioneering Online Science Labs. M arigrace Ryan, Professor Biology Shan Huang, Associate Professor Physics Vandana Rola, Manager WCDT. Presenters. The Online Science Trail. Standards for Online Labs. Clear Instructions. Platform Independent. Accessible.

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Pioneering Online Science Labs

Marigrace Ryan, Professor Biology

Shan Huang, Associate Professor Physics

Vandana Rola, Manager WCDT



Standards for Online Labs

Clear Instructions

Platform Independent




Learning Objective


Engaging Students

  • Team collaboration

Engaging Students

  • Inquiry based learning

AST Lab Student Comments

“Prior to this lab, and quite frankly, prior to this course, I had no idea how to even find the North Star.  Everyone always told me that it was the brightest star in the sky.  This I know now is incorrect.  There are quite a few other stars that actually do appear brighter than the North Star.  Now, understanding where the North Star is in relation to the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper, I am able to correctly identify other various constellations. "

"When looking at the evening sky, I was successfully able to describe to my boyfriend where the Big Dipper actually was and how the Big Dipper circles the North Star.  I was also able to point at Cassiopeia.  I have to say that everyone that I have provided this information too has been impressed that I, being a person who didn’t even know which way was North, was able to navigate my way around the sky.”

"Astronomy class at Sinclair, $250. Astronomy book for class, $100. Ruler for class, $2. Being able to prove to everyone that Amanda can actually find the North star, priceless! :) "


AST Lab Student Comments

“The orbit chart was awesome! I loved doing it and it really helped me learn. The instructions were easy, too.”

“At that point, I realized that I was observing my first planet, and I thought it was very exciting. I came back inside and got my son, brother, and mother, so that they could experience this viewing with me. It was awesome showing my son his first harvest moon and his first planet (besides Earth of course).”

“The most positive experience I had was plotting and following the sun spot throughout several days. It was interesting how the data spoke when plotted along an x and y plane, and when the slope was used to calculate the period of rotation for the sun.”

“I LOVED this lab! I would like to do it again with the knowledge I have now, I know I could improve on my technique! The most positive experience I had was the feeling I got when I was able to complete the measurements and fit them!”


Skeletal PAL

Skeletal PAL App

Skeletal PAL Promo Video


BIO Lab Student Comments

  • “I enjoyed the animation link for articulations. It helped me learn the different articulations for the different bones.”
  • “I really liked how we were able to put the bones together in the animation and learn how they were connected.”
  • “I now understand how blood types are determined and the method that is practiced to determine them. I was also able to view and identify the different types of blood cells and the components that makeup whole blood. Also, I was able to understand the functions of the cells and components that make up whole blood.”
  • “The fetal pig is my absolute favorite lab! It is awesome to be able to do this online!”
  • “I like the way you can dissect the fetal pig on the screen.”

Overall Impact

  • Enrollment nearly triples in 6 years
  • Success Rates mirror traditional counterparts
  • Student Satisfaction91% of students indicate that they would take another online course at Sinclair Community College

Contact Us

Shan Huang

Marigrace Ryan

Vandana Rola