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CCT356: Online Advertising and Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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CCT356: Online Advertising and Marketing

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CCT356: Online Advertising and Marketing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CCT356: Online Advertising and Marketing. Class 1: Introduction. Welcome!. History of course Structure of course A bit about myself and Pam Experimental elements in course design – hybrid model and e -portfolios. Importance of Course. Traditional media decline = divergence of resources

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  • History of course
  • Structure of course
  • A bit about myself and Pam
  • Experimental elements in course design – hybrid model and e-portfolios
importance of course
Importance of Course
  • Traditional media decline = divergence of resources
  • Online ads now exceed print worldwide (
  • Shifting audience – and implications for media players
  • Draw of the power of online advertising
  • Untapped (and potentially creepy) potential as “online” moves into social media, mobile access, augmented reality, etc.
  • Increasing market needs – a good time to learn this!
basic course information
Basic Course Information
  • Lectures
  • Hybrid
  • Text
  • Readings (can be added based on guest spots)
  • Plagiarism
  • Medical notes
  • Accessibility
  • A brief tour of features
  • Notes on public forum and etiquette
portfolio personal branding 10
Portfolio & Personal Branding (10%)
  • What is a portfolio?
  • Not just media dump – but reflective learning
  • A foundation for personal branding – increasingly, the way to be noticed and the way to network
  • Assignment: represent class work in e-portfolio
  • Also, 2 page strategy document re: personal brand
  • Work throughout course – due by end of classes (April 1) – posted on personal wiki or e-portfolio software (to be discussed/showcased)
annotated bibliography 10
Annotated Bibliography (10%)
  • Many, many sources of information emerging in area and not (yet) peer-reviewed/academic – just too emergent for that to be the case of yet
  • Scan the field – pick two articles, summarize, post on class wiki, add tags (folksonomy)
  • Must have clear link to course topics
  • Due by end of classes (April 1) – but easy and advisable to do early
online advertising critique 15
Online Advertising Critique (15%)
  • Pick an ad/strategy you find
  • Examples (DO NOT USE – find new ones)
  • About 750-1000 words, posted on wiki
  • Integrated visuals/media work, as can background history/sources – even interviews (good way to get foot in door!)
  • Due Feb. 8
online ad design 15
Online Ad Design (15%)
  • Build a campaign for client of your choosing
  • Develop three types of advertising consistently
  • Brief (300-500 word) description on process, ideation, concept, execution
  • Don’t use logos/trademarks/brand identity without permission (THS example)
  • As a result, perhaps pick smaller organizations, school groups (even CCIT?), charities, etc.
  • NOT a full marketing strategy – that’s the next assignment
  • Due March 1, on class wiki
final project 25
Final Project (25%)
  • In groups of 4, do a full campaign strategy for online/social media interaction
  • Must be a real client (can build on an individual’s project from last assignment)
  • Must conform to limits (e.g., if they can’t possibly afford or support it, it’s not a good choice.)
  • Not necessarily just a laundry list of technologies – if they have no strategic use for a tech, why include it?
final exam 25
Final Exam (25%)
  • At UTM during exam period (time/date TBA)
  • Mostly application of concepts, some MC
  • More to follow as date arrives
next week
Next Week
  • Download and read first two chapters of text – starting at the foundations (which are still used and useful!)
  • Hopefully the first confirmed guest spots will be finalized by then