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HOME SECURITY USING PLC. Ryan Badgett EKU, Dept. of Technology, CEN. OUTLINE. Introduction Problem Statement Proposed Solution Results Conclusion Future Work. MOTIVATION. Wanted to work with a PLC. The code of the PLC is simple. Had everything that I needed to work with.

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Home security using plc


Ryan Badgett

EKU, Dept. of Technology, CEN


  • Introduction

  • Problem Statement

  • Proposed Solution

  • Results

  • Conclusion

  • Future Work


  • Wanted to work with a PLC.

  • The code of the PLC is simple.

  • Had everything that I needed to work with.

  • Never worked with the PLC in that way before.

  • Wanted to do more hands on building.


  • PLC have been around for a long time. They are used mostly in factories controlling belts and motors.

  • I am going to us the PLC to control motors to raise and lower gates and the door lock.

  • I had to build a circuit that allows you to control the motor to change the direction so the gates can be raise and lowered.

Problem statement

  • It address the problem of someone braking into your house while you are away and having the chance to get away with your stuff.

  • If they get stuck inside the house the police will be able to get them much easier.

  • If they trigger the alarm before entering then nothing gets taken and they still might get cough.

Proposed solution

  • Here are some of the problems that I solved along the way:

    • I wanted to come up with something enjoyable and not very difficult to work with.

    • I had to do some research on remembering how to program the PLC.

    • I had to figure out how I wanted the program to run. For example when did I want the motors to turn on and for how long.

    • Trying to combine the PLC language to the “real world” was a little difficult until I had some help.

Proposed solution cont

  • I had to find a motor with enough torch to pull the gats up without stopping in the middle of the lift.

  • It took more time to test and troubleshoot then writing the program

  • I had to get the timer on the program to match up to when the gates dope to the windows

  • I had to make sure the right motors and switch tripped and went in the right order.

  • After I did that I had to run the program with everything together and verify that it worked the way I wanted it to.


  • PLC Project

  • Code


  • The results is you set the alarm, after a temperature switch is triggered it will go in lock down mode and everything will lock down. Once the police and homeowner gets there he can unlock the system.


  • Everything worked out the way I wanted with the motor and gates after some modifications.

  • It shows you how many ways you can use something like this in more way then in a factory

  • I learned that sometimes you have to build more then what you tough you had to in or to get things working the way you need them to.

Future work

  • If I had more time I would have been able to put lights and different sensors

  • I will take questions if anyone has any

  • Thank You

  • Email: [email protected]