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وكالة الكلية للدراسات العليا والبحث العلمي. The Vice-Dean, For Post-Graduate Studies and Scientific Research.  جامعة الملك عبدالعزيز King Abdulaziz University . MBA GUIDE. Post Graduate Studies For Joint Supervision Students.

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وكالة الكلية للدراسات العليا

والبحث العلمي

The Vice-Dean, For Post-Graduate Studies and Scientific Research

 جامعة الملك عبدالعزيزKing Abdulaziz University



Post Graduate Studies For Joint Supervision Students.

Only Interns and lecturers in KAAU are accepted into this program within all sections.

Acceptance Conditions :

Chapter 5 of the organization regulations for higher studies for female joint supervision students determines conditions of enrollment.

1- She must be an intern or Lecturer at the university and first priority goes to lecturers.

2- She must be a Saudi Citizen.

3- she have been appointed at the university for two major semesters.

4- Full time as recommended by the joint supervision council.

5- She should provide two scientific recommendations from professors who taught her.

6- achieving the required English level as per requirements of foreign universities.

7- Any other conditions recommended by the permanent council of post graduate studies for female joint supervision students.


Computer Science is considered to be one of the fundamental branches of knowledge. Computing applications have reached beyond the scientific and industrial fields to offices and homes. This has led to a need for specialists in this field all across the Globe . In response to this need the department of computer science is planning to offer a post graduate program granting a masters degree in computer science to meet the increasing demands of graduates of this technology.

Masters degree program at the faculty of Computer science and information technology

Establishment of the department

This section started its activities in the academic year 1402/1403 as a division within the department of mathematics in the faculty of science which was later transferred to an independent section in the academic year 1406/1407.

The programs benefits :

1- flexibility of its content as it includes both compulsory and elected curriculums.

2- Flexibility in registering these curriculums during through semesters.

3- The program gives the chance to graduates of other faculties to register by bypassing some curriculums.

4- The program enables students to develop mental and intellectual skills that compliments the requirements and methods of computer science techniques and thus building an information base through practical applications.

Acceptance requirements .

1- To fill in the application for admission to post graduate studies.

2- Curriculum Vita (Personal – Academic)

3- a copy of the bachelors and masters degree certificates with a transcript attached.

4- Copy of the ID card or family book.

5- A copy of her appointment resolution (Lecturer / Intern).

6-Two recommendations in the English language from their professors.

7- A profile of general specialization and exact field of specialization in studying of the Doctorate degree.

8- proposal for PHD research project.

9- Proof for receiving required level in English (550 TOEFL) or (5.5 Allalit) at least.

Post Graduate studies at KAAU commenced in the year 1396ah and the deanship was established in the year 1419 ah which aims at providing a bright and coordinated pattern efficient and effective for post graduate studies at the university. Ever since that time it has expanded and there has been increasing demand for enrollment which has led to an increase in male and female graduates and approved scientific research.


1-Providing high level specialists in the field of computer science and information technology and those who are needed to execute development plans.

2- Preparing students and giving them appropriate dosage for further scientific research , development and completion of post graduate studies.

3- Providing specialized expertise and preparing man power in which transforming advance techniques and its applications into reality in our country.

4- Carrying out specialized and advanced research to support scientific research specifically within the university and the society in General.

5- Preparing masters degree students to carry out scientific programs and train those who are employed by establishments and bodies within community service activities.


وكالة الكلية للدراسات العليا

والبحث العلمي

The Vice-Dean, For Post-Graduate Studies and Scientific Research

 جامعة الملك عبدالعزيزKing Abdulaziz University


دراسات عليا رائدة في برامجها ومخرجاتها وتواصل علمي والبحث من خلال الدراسات العليا لخدمة المجتمع.

The Message

To Contribute to the preparation of the working environment to foster postgraduate programs and pioneering research , interaction between concerned parties, and meet the requirements and needs of the society

د. خالد بن وهيب مقلد

كلمة وكيل الكلية للدراسات العليا

The Vice Dean, for post Graduate studies and Scientific research is pleased to welcome male and female post graduate students and invites them to view and be informed on the latest news of the vice deanship. A page has been allocated on the website for the study plan of the masters degree which includes all compulsory and optional curriculums used by students to complete the Masters Degree. A Page has also been allocated to display research of Members of the teaching Council for reference and to determine accurate Majors to support higher studies student s to choose their supervisors and to determine a research point to complete a masters degree.

A page has also been allocated which displays a list of masters degree male and female students including Thesis Titles and Thesis extracts and to ease the writing of the Dissertation (Thesis) for the male and female students. A page has been allocated that illustrates how the thesis is written in accordance with the scientific rules and standards for Academic dissertations .

The Vice Dean, for post Graduate studies and Scientific research looks forward to develop plans and goals in which it will God willingly improve the post graduate studies program and develop it to suit the requirements of the local labor market. The vice dean is also consulting with Committees to study the possibility of implementing the executive MBA degree and the MBA with no thesis in addition to updating of the current MBA program which includes several accurate majors . The Vice Dean, for post Graduate studies and Scientific research prays for the success of the Masters students academically and practically.

Contact Us Phone 6951314 Fax 6400000 \ 67293 Email fcit.ogsr @

Director of the Office of the Vice DeanAmmar al-Khari 67381 General supervisor Mohamed Zakaria 67523 Secretarial Mohamed Atta Ahmed al-GhamdiMu'taz gardener 68856

صفحة وكالة الدراسات العليا على الويب