Self service applications to drive cash collection reduce dso and improve efficiencies
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Self-Service applications to drive cash collection, reduce DSO, and improve efficiencies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Self-Service applications to drive cash collection, reduce DSO, and improve efficiencies. Avolent and SPG NorCal OAUG Training Days March 7 th , 2005. Francesco Hidayat – SPG, Executive Vice President of Consulting Services Chris Kenney – Avolent, Global Director of Alliances. Overview.

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Presentation Transcript
Self service applications to drive cash collection reduce dso and improve efficiencies

Self-Service applications to drive cash collection, reduce DSO, and improve efficiencies

Avolent and SPG

NorCal OAUG Training Days

March 7th, 2005

Overview Consulting Services

  • SPG

    • Who is SPG

    • Tasks and Challenges faced by OA Users

    • Taking a unique approach

  • Avolent

    • Who is Avolent

    • What Finance is really thinking

    • Addressing Finance’s needs

    • Case studies

    • Qualifying the pain

  • Q&A

Francesco hidayat executive vice president of consulting services
Francesco Hidayat – Consulting Services Executive Vice President of Consulting Services

Who is spg
Who is SPG Consulting Services

  • Southern Pacific Group is a Management Consulting firm with offices in Southern and Northern California.

  • Management team alumnus from Accenture, Ernst & Young, and Deloitte

  • Experience in over 80 Oracle implementations

  • Broad expertise in extending your investment in Oracle applications

Tasks Consulting Services

  • Financial Business Units are looking to automate the invoice to settlement process:

    • Self-service: reduce costs via enterprise wide and customer instant access to data with Oracle (DSO’s, invoice reprints)

    • Automate manual processes: (payment, reconciliation)

    • Leverage their Oracle Investment: rapidly introduce new services/products that access data within Oracle

    • Greater insight: data from different systems in disparate business units

Challenges Consulting Services

  • Oracle Applications professionals are faced with:

    • Self-service: Limited access to data with Oracle modules

    • Automate processes: lack of IT dollars and resources

    • Leverage Oracle Investment: constantly dealing newly with acquired systems and customers

    • Greater insight: can’t integrate data from other vendor and home grown system

Taking a unique approach
Taking a unique approach Consulting Services

  • Evaluate an approach that can provide:

    • Self-service: acts as a front end to provide access to invoicing and customer data from Oracle and other systems

    • Automates processes: invoice payment, cash management, reconciliation, disputes, invoice customization, etc.

    • Leveraging Investment: incorporates new customer or systems without upgrading or replacing existing systems

    • Greater insight: pull data from different systems, push out to customers, and foot back billing information to systems for disparate business units

Roi beyond invoice presentment
ROI Beyond Invoice Presentment Consulting Services

Cash Flow

Control & Insight


  • Ability to automate, consolidate and reconcile among multiple systems.

  • Provide customers with approval workflow, proof of delivery, and A/P ready formats.

  • Analytics, discount management, and cash flow forecasting.

    ROI: Streamlined financial processes, and proactive control of cash flow.

Interactive Invoicing

  • Customer portal with the ability to pay, dispute, match, search, and report.

    ROI: Reduced support calls, faster cash flow.


The Basics

  • Presenting Electronic Invoices via email.

    ROI: Reduced Printing Costs.

Business Benefit

Chris kenney global director of alliances
Chris Kenney – Consulting Services Global Director of Alliances

About avolent
About Avolent Consulting Services

  • E-billing and cash flow optimization software

  • Over $44 billion invoices processed through BizCast

  • Serve companies with large numbers or complex invoices

  • Front-end to Oracle and other ERP, SCM, CRM systems

  • Provides finance dept with greater insight and control into the “invoice to cash” process

  • Reduce costs and streamlines financial processes between company and their customers:

    • Electronic Invoice Presentment & Payment

    • Customer Self-Service

    • Cash Management and forecasting

    • Dynamic Trades terms Management

Key Bank

Providing value
Providing value Consulting Services

Why avolent for oracle users
Why Avolent for Oracle Users Consulting Services

  • With Avolent’s BizCast:

    • Oracle customers can incorporate automated financial processes into their global ERP, CRM and self-service strategies

    • Enables Oracle to act as a central solution for all customer interactions

    • You have a front-end solution that integrates Oracle with proprietary and other vendor based systems

Extending your oracle investment
Extending your Oracle Investment: Consulting Services

  • Invoice & Lower Level Invoice Data Consolidation

  • Cash Management and Allocation from Consolidated Invoice to Desperate Back Office A/R & Billing Platforms

  • B2B Multiple Invoice Distribution (Email, Fax, XML)

  • B2B Multiple Invoice Reprint Download

  • Complex B2B Usage Reporting

  • Dynamic Drill-Down into Complex B2B Account Hierarchies

  • Proof-of-Delivery Real-time Integration & Reconciliation

  • Line Item Dispute Management & Note Collaboration

  • Complex B2B Invoice Template Management & Configuration

  • BSP – Multiple Biller Support

  • Integrated Pay-Side Data Analytics (from Supplier Portal)

Bizcast in your environment
BizCast in your environment Consulting Services

Today s inefficient and manual processes

Bills Consulting Services





Billing & Finance

Today’s Inefficient and Manual Processes

Existing IT Systems







Customer Service






Compounded by:

  • Confusing customer experience

  • No clear audit trail of changes

  • Mess of credits/payments

  • Large write-offs

Account Inquiry

& Status

How do you know just look at your invoices
How Do You Know? Just Look At Your Invoices Consulting Services …






And your processes what processes are your customers asking you to do
…and your processes. What processes are your customers asking you to do?


“Help me find

the invoice that…”

Custom Reports

“How much have I spent on x, y, and z”


“I need a copy of an old invoice”

“I never received an invoice”

How ebilling fits in

  • Customer Service asking you to do?

  • Search

  • Archive

  • Adjust

  • Manage Cash

  • Allocate

  • Forecast

  • Customers

  • Receive

  • Pay

  • Dispute/Adjust

  • Download

  • Analyze

How eBilling Fits In

Subsidiary #1

Billing System

Subsidiary #2

Billing System


Direct to A/P Network

Printer Service

A/R System

ERP System


(Siebel, Remedy, etc.)

  • BizCast:

  • Consolidates all back-end billing systems

  • Creates eBills to be reviewed/paid/disputed

  • Tracks all steps of the invoice-to-cash cycle

Benefits of avolent solution
Benefits of Avolent Solution asking you to do?

Reduce paper billing and payments costs 60-90%

Lower IT maintenance costs 40-80%

Reduce costs across a number of business processes

  • Eliminate paper & postage costs

  • Eliminate invoice reprints

  • Eliminate rebilling

  • Reduce payment processing costs 30-75%

  • Increase remittance accuracy

  • Eliminate IT-supported customer requests for reports, data downloads, and custom statements

  • Enable shared services for billing, AR

  • Eliminate need for consolidated billing initiatives

  • Billing

  • Payment

  • Cash application

  • Reconciliation

  • Deduction resolution

  • Customer service

Streamline invoice-to-pay process

Improve financial efficiency 10-45%

Increase overall revenue and profit

  • Streamline reconciliation 20-60%

  • Eliminate cash app exceptions

  • Reduce dispute resolution times 20-80%

  • Reduce bill delivery times 10-60%

  • Reduce DSO 10-25%

  • Reduce working capital requirements 5-15%

  • Improve cash forecasting accuracy

  • Handle more new business without adding headcount

  • Improve customer service & related customer sat

  • Deliver consolidated business lines

Case study f50 manufacturer distributor
Case Study – F50 Manufacturer/Distributor asking you to do?

  • Overview

    • $40 billion in revenue

    • Over 100 million invoices w/a billion line items annually from 1 million + customers

  • Problems

    • High DSO

    • Decentralized invoice management with disparate systems

    • Costly customer service for reconciliation, invoice reprints and archiving

    • Multiple costly and manual financial processes

  • Solution

    • Reduced DSO to industry lowest

    • Consolidate invoices from multiple systems and foot back payments – saving $5-10 million on replacing or updating IT investment

    • Saved approx. $1 million annually on archiving

    • Provide self-service for dispute resolution, reprint requests, spending analysis, approval and payment

Case example f200 manufacturer services
Case Example – F200 Manufacturer/Services asking you to do?

  • Problem:

    • Global provider with decentralized invoice management system in 7 regions

    • High volume of invoices, calls about invoices

    • Complex invoices that customers want to customize – 180+ templates

    • High cost of reconciling payments

    • Want to improve “customer lock-in”

  • Solution – EIPP System

    • Eliminate the paper

      • Reduce 180+ templates to 15

      • Eliminate 30-50% of printing costs

    • Streamline the exchange

      • Allow customers to modify look-and-feel of invoices

      • Downloadable in many formats, reports

    • Eliminate the process

      • Electronic payment, auto-reconciliation

Case study f1000 financial services firm
Case Study – F1000 Financial Services firm asking you to do?


  • $8.5 billion provider of office equipment

  • Over 10 million invoices per year for leased equipment

  • Write-offs from incorrect invoicing costing several million dollars a year


  • Consolidate invoices from multiple ERP systems from disparate business units

  • In a price commoditized industry, reduce back-office costs

  • Provide self-service as a competitive differentiator and to reduce costs

  • Need to accelerate cash flow and reduce Day Sales Outstanding (DSO)


  • Projected DSO savings in first 4 years of $1.6 million

  • Save $5 million by not replacing/upgrading billing systems

  • Projected $9 million dollar savings in write offs in first 4 years

Is this right for your needs
Is this right for your needs? asking you to do?

  • Highest ROI occurs when:

    • 2,000+ invoices per month

    • Invoices are complex

    • Invoices are consolidated from multiple back-end systems

    • Lots of invoice processing and administrative costs

    • Poor DSO

  • How to find out – ask your customers first!

    • The Customer Readiness Assessment Survey

    • Results determine ROI

  • Ask the Analysts

    • BizCast #1 EIPP solution – Forrester, Celent

Southern pacific group
Southern Pacific Group asking you to do?

Northern California Office

2033 Gateway Place

5th Floor

San Jose, California 95110

Contact Information:

Mark West, Vice President

Office: 408-961-8675

Mobile: 818-368-4041

[email protected]