exacta digital torque wrenches l.
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Exacta ™ Digital Torque Wrenches PowerPoint Presentation
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Exacta ™ Digital Torque Wrenches

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Exacta ™ Digital Torque Wrenches - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Exacta ™ Digital Torque Wrenches. Sturtevant Richmont Global Reach. Local Support. Exacta ™ Digital Torque Wrench. Programming, Use,and Specifications. Sturtevant Richmont Global Reach. Local Support. Table of Contents. Introduction Components Battery Use Interchangeable Head Use

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exacta digital torque wrenches

Exacta™Digital Torque Wrenches

Sturtevant Richmont

Global Reach. Local Support.

exacta digital torque wrench

Exacta™Digital Torque Wrench

Programming, Use,and Specifications

Sturtevant Richmont

Global Reach. Local Support.

table of contents
Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Components
  • Battery Use
  • Interchangeable Head Use
  • Programming via Keyswitches
  • Computer Communications
  • Specifications
  • Calibration
  • Warranty
  • Exacta™ is designed for torque auditing and assembly operations.
  • Programmable Min/Max torque limits and a torque limit warning system for assembly line use.
  • Bright, rotating LCD display for ease of reading.
  • Uses any S/R Interchangeable Head with a 1 7/16” Common Centerline.
battery use 1
Battery Use - 1
  • Exacta™ uses 4 AA Alkaline or NiMH batteries.
  • Expected battery life is up to 269 hours.
  • Battery symbol blinks 4 times on startup, then goes off.
  • It returns if system falls below 4 volts. When symbol returns, replace batteries.
battery use 2
Battery Use - 2
  • Twist & pull Grip Cap to remove.
  • Gently slide out Battery Holder and disconnect.
  • Remove and replace batteries; watch polarity!
  • Reconnect Battery Holder, then reinstall it and Grip Cap.
interchangeable head use 1
Interchangeable Head Use - 1
  • Exacta™ has the S/R dovetail for strength and versatility.
  • All S/R heads will attach, but Exacta™ is designed for use with the 1 7/16” Common Centerline Heads only.
interchangeable head use 2
Interchangeable Head Use - 2
  • Installation
    • Align female dovetail on head with male dovetail on wrench.
    • Use hex key or similar device to depress locking pin.
    • Slide head over locking pin until it’s locked in place.
interchangeable head use 3
Interchangeable Head Use - 3
  • Removal
    • Insert hex key in hole in head; position above locking pin.
    • Lever key up to depress locking pin.
    • Slide head off dovetail.
keyswitches principles
Keyswitches - Principles
  • Principles
    • Keys function as labeled in black in operating mode.
    • Keys function as labeled in blue in programming mode.
    • Scroll goes through a loop before returning to start point.
    • Active selection flashes.
    • Wrench starts in operating mode when first turned on.
  • Zeroing the wrench
    • Make sure no torque or pressure load is on the wrench.
    • Press Zero Keyswitch.
measurement modes
Measurement Modes
  • Exacta™ has 2 torque measurement modes.
    • Track – for watching measuring torque as it rises or falls and for calibration.
    • Peak – for measuring the highest torque applied before falloff.
  • Each mode has a symbol representing it.
    • The symbols appear above left and above the torque value.
measurement mode symbols
Measurement Mode Symbols
  • The symbols to left are those used for the two operating modes.
selecting measurement mode
Selecting Measurement Mode
  • To select torque measurement mode use key switches in order below.
  • Second use of SCROLL pages through torque mode loop.
selecting unit of measure
Selecting Unit of Measure
  • To select unit of measure use key switches in sequence below.
  • Third use of SCROLL pages through available units in loop.
print clear displayed torque
Print/Clear Displayed Torque
  • To print and clear the displayed torque value after a wrench use, use the key switch below.
  • Value will be sent to serial port then cleared from display.
print store displayed torque
Print/Store Displayed Torque
  • To print the displayed torque value and store it in memory for later recall, use the key switch below.
recalling stored memory
Recalling Stored Memory
  • To recall and display stored torque values from memory, use key switch sequence below.
  • Scroll pages through stored values, most to least recent.
print memory
Print Memory
  • To print all stored values in memory via the serial port, use the key switch sequence below.
print clear memory
Print/Clear Memory
  • To print the torque values stored in memory and clear them from memory, use the key switch sequence below.
computer communications
Computer Communications
  • All computer communications are via supplied cable.
  • Use 9-pin serial port on computer to connect to Exacta™.
  • Use Exawin software to program wrench Min/Max values.
  • Use Windows Hyperterminal program to receive data from Exacta and for calibration.
exawin software
Exawin Software
  • The Exawin program is designed for use with Windows 3.1, 95, 98, 2000, and ME.
  • Exawin permits PC setting torque limits, units of measure, mode of operation, uploading and storage of values, conversion of data to Excel spreadsheet format, and other useful functions.
  • The software can be downloaded from the S/R website by registered Exacta™ users.
  • Go to www.srtorque.com to register and download software.
  • Factory calibration is recommended.
  • Factory-authorized calibration may also be obtained from Team Torque.
    • www.teamtorque.com
  • In Europe, factory-authorized calibration may be obtained from Celsius Metech.
    • www.celsiusmetech.dk
  • Calibration instructions can be e-mailed upon request.
  • Exacta™ is covered by a limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Both the tool and the calibration are covered by this warranty.
  • For a complete copy of the warranty, go to www.srtorque.com.