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The P&T Process

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The P&T Process. Roles of the Candidate, Supervisor and P&T Committee. The Candidate MUST: . Understand the criteria and specific language for: Tenure Promotion Make sure your dossier speaks to the criteria. Your campus requirements Indiana University Libraries Library Faculty Handbook

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the p t process

The P&T Process

Roles of the Candidate, Supervisor and P&T Committee

the candidate must
The Candidate MUST:
  • Understand the criteria and specific language for:
    • Tenure
    • Promotion
  • Make sure your dossier speaks to the criteria.
make sure your dossier speaks to the criteria
Your campus requirements

Indiana University Libraries Library Faculty Handbook

Indiana University Academic Handbook

Make Sure Your Dossier Speaks to the Criteria
you the candidate should
You, the Candidate, Should:
  • Attend P&T seminars every year prior to submitting your dossier.
  • Assume ultimate responsibility for dossier
    • Content
    • Organization
    • Presentation
obtain years 1 5
Obtain:Years 1-5
  • Input from your mentor and/or others regarding P&T requirements and position responsibilities
    • Identify & understand the P&T rules you will use in your dossier.
    • Ask questions
    • Develop plan to progress in your role in IU’s Plan of Excellence
    • Seek critiques
obtain dossier year
Obtain: Dossier Year
  • Input from your mentor and/or others regarding the organization & clarity of your dossier. Does it:
    • Demonstrate Excellence in Performance?
    • Define your Professional Development, Research and/or Creativity or Service role beyond satisfactory, satisfactory?
    • Demonstrate progressive growth in responsibility and outcomes?
  • Compile and organize your dossier well ahead of time.
    • Start a file of usable resources & data to review periodically and select
    • Show growth in performance, professional development, research and/or creativity and service over time
    • Demonstrate “outstanding, diverse, and inclusive” examples and impacts.
    • Define your part in IU’s excellence in providing access to information “…for the learning, scholarly, and research communities at IU.” *

*from President McRobbie’sPrinciples of Excellence.

if you are unsure where something belongs in your dossier seek advice
If You Are Unsure Where Something Belongs in Your Dossier, Seek Advice

Does this activity count as

  • Service?
  • Professional development, research and/or creativity?
  • Both?
  • Performance?
  • To make sure that all required materials are in your dossier, including signatures.
    • Checklists
    • Job Description
    • P&T Guidelines
    • Others
support letters
  • Bloomington Process:
    • The Deans/Directors are responsible for requesting formal letters of support.
    • Providing information to individuals who are writing letters.
    • Following up on the status of support letters.
  • IUPUI Process:
    • Librarians request their own letters of support during the pre-tenure period
    • Deans/Directors request external reviews for the dossier
  • The P&T Committee can only consider what you present to it in your dossier – if it’s not there, the committee cannot consider it
    • Make the Committee’s work easy---be sure your evidence demonstrates outcomes that answer the P&T criteria language
    • Use the P&T criteria language to express your qualifications and outcomes
    • Define your use of the language
remember the dossier
Remember…the Dossier
  • Evaluate, it is your career! The presentation of your case
    • Its emphasis
    • Its explanation
    • Its organization
  • Is YOUR responsibility
    • Spell-check, grammar-check, have a colleague read and self re-read
    • Do not leave questions unanswered
  • If your dossier is not well organized, the committee will find it difficult to evaluate your case!
    • Time is short as the dossiers are reviewed. The more succinct and organized the easier to evaluate
    • Evaluators at any level should not have to search


of the


role of the supervisor
Role of the Supervisor
  • Provide guidance in preparing annual reviews and dossier.
  • Provide guidance about which activities the candidate becomes involved in.
the supervisor should
The Supervisor Should:
  • Be an information provider.
  • Support professional development, research and/or creativity and service activities.
supervisor s summary statement should
Supervisor’s Summary Statement Should:
  • Be clear, substantive, and informative
  • Include specific contributions noting their importance and impact.
  • Directly address criteria for tenure/promotion (in summary statements & evaluations) and be mindful of the terminology.
librarian supervisor should
Librarian & Supervisor Should:
  • Work together to determine areas to be discussed in evaluative statements.
  • Librarians should discuss & ask for revisions or additions to the supervisor’s summary statement.
supervisor should
Supervisor Should:
  • Encourage librarian to get input from others (the more perspectives, the better).
  • If the librarian receives conflicting advice, one option is to gather individuals together to discuss the issues.
  • Ultimate responsibility is the librarian’s.
the supervisor should1
The Supervisor Should:
  • Review dossier to ensure all requirements and signatures are included.

Role & Activities

of the

P&T Committees

each committee receives direction from
Each Committee Receives Direction from:
  • IU Libraries Library Faculty Handbook-sections.
    • Librarians’ Promotion & Tenure Committee Organization & Procedures
    • Dossier Routing
  • Or IUPUI Librarians Promotion and Tenure Committee Organization and Procedures & IUPUI Dean of Faculties Guidelines for preparing and reviewing P & T Dossiers
  • P&T Committee Manual
purpose of p t committee
Purpose of P&T Committee:
  • Review dossiers and make recommendations on rank and tenure.
  • Provide workshops to help candidates and supervisors prepare.
  • Other charges as assigned
composition of p t committees
Compositionof P&T Committees:
  • IU Bloomington and Regional Process:
    • Proportional to the number of tenure track positions throughout the university.
    • There must be 2 full librarians, 4 associate librarians and 3 additional tenured librarians from any rank.
  • IUPUI Process:
    • There must be 5 tenured voting librarians
each committee comes together
Each Committee ComesTogether . . .
  • In Bloomington, in September for P&T week.
  • In Indianapolis, in August for deliberations.
  • All members will review a dossier, one member will act as the presenter for the case providing a summary of everything the candidate has accomplished.
each committee
Each Committee:
  • Will discuss each case, deliberate and then vote.
  • While the presenter is responsible for writing the recommendation and letter for the candidate, the whole committee provides suggestions for what to include and then feedback on the written letters.
  • IUPUI receives guidance from IUPUI Dean of Faculties Guidelines  for Preparing and Reviewing P & T Dossiers
the committee
The Committee:
  • Also reviews the Mid-Tenure reviews.
  • Receives guidance from the Library Faculty Handbook, Mid-Tenure Review for Librarians.
other resources as appropriate
Other Resources as Appropriate:
  • Human Resources Officer
  • Workshops/seminars (attend as many as possible)
  • Mentors: IU Libraries Library Faculty Handbook, Mentor Program (formal program), or informal arrangements.
  • P&T Intranet documentation
  • Campus-specific handbooks
  • Dean of Faculties guidelines
mid tenure review letters
Mid-Tenure Review Letters
  • Letters are sent to the librarians being reviewed and to their supervisors
  • Letters are focused on what needs to be strengthened in future case for tenure
  • Committee tries not to be discouraging, but these are not “Feel Good” letters!
sample dossiers
Sample Dossiers:
  • Available at the IUB & IUPUI Library’s Human Resources office
  • Ask librarians who have been through the process recently.
  • Available via campus mail
  • Available via OnCourse at IUPUI LibFac Resources/ Promotion & Tenure- Model P & T Dossiers
more resources
More Resources:
  • Former members of the P&T Committee
  • Peers
  • Dean or directors
  • Ask someone to review your dossier (someone not in your area can tell you if they can easily understand your documentation)