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George Washington

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George Washington. “The Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon.” –G.W.

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George Washington

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george washington
George Washington

“The Constitution is the guide which I never

will abandon.” –G.W.


In February 1732 George Washington was born. He lived near Fredericksburg with his mother and half brother in Mount Vernon. His mother’s name was Mary Ball. The tale of George Washington chopping down a cherry tree is simply a tale invented by Mason Locke Weems (1759-1825), author of the biography of George Washington. George Washington’s father died when he was 11. At 14 Washington planned to join the army. By the age of 16 he was very skilled in mathematics, surveying, reading, etc. He was always interested in the military arts from a young age.


War was an interest for Washington

Washington had 2 interests: military arts and western expansion. At 16 he helped survey Shenandoah lands for Thomas, Lord Fairfax Fairfax.

A man surveying



In 1754 , Lieutenant Colonel Washington fought skirmishes of what grew into the French and Indian War.

  • May 1775 Washington was elected commander in Chief of the Continental Army.
washington loved his job
Washington loved his job
  • George Washington fought and lead many battles.
  • 25+ Wars
  • American Revolutionary War
  • Battle of Fort Brandywine
  • Battle of Trenton
  • Battle of Concord & Lexington
  • Battle of Saratoga
  • Battle of Valley Forge …….Etc.
valley forge
Valley Forge
  • George Washington was a very smart and quick leader. As Washington is famous for using tricks to fool the red coats, his war maneuvers were skilled and difficult. Valley Forge was a difficult and stressful time for Washington. Washington needed money he didn’t have to provide for his troops. The people of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania provided and cared for the troops. You could follow the troops tracks in the snow by following the blood, because of the harsh weather. The soldiers did not have shoes their feet were cut and frozen and would leave blood in the snow. Washington led them to victory and kept their spirits high. Only George Washington.... 
april 30 1789
April 30, 1789
  • On April 30,1789 George Washington stood on the balcony of Federal Hill on Wall Street in New York and took his oath of office as the first U.S. President.

Washington and his wife enjoyed less than 3 years of retirement at Mount Vernon, until Washington died of throat infection December 14, 1799.

interesting facts
Interesting Facts
  • George Washington’s Favorite:
  • Food: Cherries, Cherry pie
  • Breakfast: Hoe Cakes (Pancakes made with corn). His diet consisted of many things. He loved sweets.
  • Color: Red
  • What was the name of his horses?: He had many through the war, but 2 of them were named Nelson and BlueSkin.
  • What made him want to become president? It wasn’t really his choice. He didn’t want the power after the war, but the people adored him and begged him to be the 1rst President. He accepted only due to the demand of the people.