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Receive application

Receive application

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Receive application

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  1. Application Complete? Send application to concerned professors Yes/No Receive application Review application Reschedule Interview Show? Should Hold interview? Interview Schedule Interview Yes Yes No Yes Excuse? Applicant Accepted? Under Probation? Yes Yes No Send provisional Letter No No Send Acceptance Letter Send Rejection Letter 3 Send Rejection Letter 2 Send Rejection Letter 1

  2. At Beginning of each semester, new students are enrolled Send list of students enrolled to finance & program coordinators List of new students (From Amira) Create Files for new students

  3. At Beginning of each semester, currently enrolled students are registered to courses Fulfills course prerequisites? Paid tuition of previous semester? No Select Course Yes No Yes Register Course Block student from registration Register for another course? Yes End Registration for this student No

  4. At the end of each semester, updating students’ transcripts Receive grades from program coordinator Take course grade GPA < 3.0 Recalculate GPA No Course retake? No Yes Yes Put student under probation Add the new grade in the transcript Replace the grade in the transcript More courses? Send notification Yes No

  5. During semester, students’ attendance is monitored Response received Program coordinator notifies registrar Professor notifies program coordinator with attendance Notification letter is sent to the student Yes No Course withdrawal or incomplete Student discontinued from the program

  6. During registration period, Student retake request Get faculty approval Grade < C Request course retake Yes Yes No No Register course

  7. Certificates Get faculty approval Request certificate Yes No Get certificate

  8. Course withdrawal Before 15% of the course time Faculty approval Submit withdrawal form Yes No No Get faculty evaluation(W-P or W-F) Yes Insert new grade in the transcript

  9. Under probation