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Custom Screen Printed Tshirts PowerPoint Presentation
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Custom Screen Printed Tshirts

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Custom Screen Printed Tshirts
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Custom Screen Printed Tshirts

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  1. Custom Screen Printed T-shirts

  2. Your creativity and passion for something no longer needs to just be expressed in music, canvas, or photographs.It is an effective way of telling people about your thoughts or your personality.

  3. Basically, there are several types of t-shirt printing that allow you to have a customized t-shirt. However, screen printing is the process that gives your artwork a better result and a more creative touch.

  4. Preparing the Design: The first step in t-shirt screen printing is to receive the artwork that you want to print on the garment. You can bring you own design or have our in-house graphics specialist create one based on your requirements.

  5. Separating of Color: Once the design is finalized, each of the colors in the design will be separated from each other. The design will then be sized based on the desired width and height.

  6. Printing of films and Exposing of Image in the Screen: After separating the colors, a film positive will be created and printed. This film helps in creating a high quality output by allowing screen exposure to make better lines and dots. The film will then be handed off to the screen developer in the darkroom to expose the image in the screen.

  7. Setting Up and Printing: Once a stencil-like quality has been achieved in the screen, the screen is then set up on the screen printing press. With the right equipment and proper set up, the process can go pretty fast.

  8. Contact Us : Tees To Plees, Inc 5120 NW 165th Street Miami Gardens, Fl 33014 Contact : 1-877-504-0950 For More Information Visit Site :