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how being sleep deprived can affect your health n.
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How Being Sleep Deprived Can Affect Your Health PowerPoint Presentation
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How Being Sleep Deprived Can Affect Your Health

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How Being Sleep Deprived Can Affect Your Health
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How Being Sleep Deprived Can Affect Your Health

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  1. How Being Sleep Deprived Can Affect Your Health It may come as no surprise but going without sleep can have an adverse effect on your health and well-being. You are probably aware that not getting enough rest can make you feel run down and exhausted. It can reduce your energy levels and lead to stress and irritability, which is to be expected. However, being sleep deprived can also have unforeseen consequences you may not know were linked to insomnia. It can be the source of various ailments, which could impact your life. For instance, many don’t realise lack of sleep can affect your appetite. Have you ever wondered why you may feel peckish and in the mood for snacking in the middle of the night? Well, studies say sleep deprivation increases traces of the molecule 2-AG in the human body which promotes a person’s appetite. It can feel like the more tired you are the hungrier you become, so is little wonder people enjoy a midnight feast from time to time. Studies have shown you can also show the signs of sleep deprivation on the outside. Experts believe not getting enough rest can take a toll on your skin. It can increase the symptoms of ageing and influence your skin health. What’s more, skin repair can be harder for people who do not sleep well. It could diminish catabolism, a purification process assisting in skin repair which only takes place at night. So, if you don’t get a good

  2. night’s sleep it could hurt its progression, giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “getting your beauty sleep”. It may sound fundamental, but if you are having trouble sleeping it could stop your brain from getting the rest it needs. Experts have learned that, while we sleep, our brains go through a sort of detoxification process, where it almost has a clean out. Scientists have discovered that while we nap our brains cells decrease by over half their size. This causes a de- cluttering, allowing the human body to get rid of damaging substances such as beta-amyloid, mentioned in connection with the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. It is believed the more you sleep the more your brain can detox and the less you sleep the more you increase the chances of beta-amyloid forming on the brain. These are some of the ways sleep deprivation can affect a person’s health. If you are having trouble sleeping, you could consider changing your bed and mattress. There is a wide range of comfortable, luxury beds for sale at our large showroom near Glasgow. If you would like to know more about our wonderful stock come to Beds Glasgow. We won’t rest until you have a perfect night’s sleep. The Original article Published at Beds Glasgow Blog :- your-health/