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How to print out text messages android? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to print out text messages android?

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How to print out text messages android? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Searching for a method to print text message conversation from an Android phone? Go through this article, you will learn how to print SMS from Android phone in a simple and fast way.

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How to print out text messages android?

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Print out Text Message Conversation from Android Phone If you are like me, who is keen on keeping text messages on the phone and unwilling to delete them unless the memory gets full, I am sure you will be interested in the topic of printing text messages from phone. Printing these SMS messages off is a way to leave an evidence of your husband’s or wife’s cheating, or you can permanently retain the treasures contained in these SMS messages. And we know that phone is not an ideal storage media to store important data because we can not guarantee that our phones will never be lost, broken or stolen. Therefore, printing text messages can backup your valuable information in case they have been deleted or lost some day.

    2. How does Android Phone Store Text Messages?Before we show you how to print off Android text messages, it is necessary to understand how our phones store the SMS messages because we need to export the message files to computer at first. Most people expect that the text messages are placed in the SD memory card, but actually they are wrong. Only the multi-media files are saved in the external SD card and the text messages are stored in the internal storage. You can easily transfer data from a cell phone SD card to computer by using a USB cable, but text message is easier said than done as it was stored in phone’s memory. You have to ask help from third-party software to help you export text messages from an Android phone and then you can start to print them out.

    3. To export your texts from Android phone and then print them out, you can try to use Coolmuster Android Assistant (for Windows 8/7/XP) or Coolmuster Android Assistant for Mac, which is a trustworthy and risk-free program to help you extract text messages and other file types like videos, music, audio files, contacts, call history, etc. from Android phones to Mac or PC with zero quality loss. It highly improves the efficiency of Android data management on computer.

    4. Key Features: - Effortlessly export all files from your Android phone to computer without any quality loss.- You can directly send the messages, even group messages from computer to specific cell phone.- Directly manage your Android files like SMS, contacts, photos, etc. on computer.- Directly send messages from your computer to specific phone number.- Come with a user-friendly interface and support almost all Android brand phones.

    5. Steps: How to Print out Android SMS on Mac OS X and Windows 8/7? • Guide for Mac OS X: • Step 1. Connect your Android phone to Mac computer • Use a USB cord to connect your Android phone to an empty USB port on Mac and wait until the phone appears as a removable storage device in "My Computer". Install and launch the Android managing tool, then, you will see the main interface with some parameter information of your phone, including phone model, system version and storage space size. • Note: Coolmuster Android Assistant is fully compatible with all popular Android phones, including HTC, Google, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Huawei and so on.

    6. Step 2. Ready to scan and preview text messages • The program can deal with both your Android SD storage card and the internal memory. You just need to click the "Scan" button to let the program scan your phone and after a few seconds, all your phone data will be scanned out and displayed in the left panel. Choose the "Messages" category and preview all the stored messages in details, including transmission time and sender. • Note: By using this program, you can directly and conveniently send messages, especially group messages, from your computer to specific phone number.

    7. Step 3. Start to export and print the Android SMS messages • Select the text messages you want to print on your computer and then press the "Backup" button on the top menu to start the transferring. There will be a Path dialog pops up, asking you to choose a location directory where you want to put the exported text messages. Wait for a while, you will see the selected SMS files laid in the output folder, saving in a printable format. Now, you are able to print them directly with a connected printer.

    8. Guide for Windows 8/7 • 1. Download the Windows version of the software and install it on your PC;2. Connect your Android phone to the PC and run the installed software;3. Press Scan button to let the software scan for your Android internal storage;4. Choose the text messages you want to print and click Backup to export them to the PC;5. Print out the output text messages conversation on a piece of paper via a connected printer.

    9. Still looking for a way to export text message conversations from Android phone to computer so as to print them out? Do not miss Coolmuster Android Assistant. It is absolutely secure and effective, which does a great job in backing up files from your Android phones to computer, without altering your original data and system. Enjoy an efficient data management of your Android device with this versatile program right now. • Related Articles: • How to Save Text Messages from Cell Phone to Computer • Transfer Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy S4 to Mac/Windows 8/7 Computer

    10. Thank You!