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بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم. دبیر محترم : سرکار خانم صدرائی. Lesson five. New words. 1. She is drawing a cat . Her drawing is not good . She wants to draw another one. What is she doing? Do you like her drawing?.

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

دبیر محترم : سرکار خانم صدرائی

1 she is drawing a cat her drawing is not good she wants to draw another one
1.She is drawing a cat . Her drawing is not good . She wants to draw another one.

What is she doing?

Do you like her drawing?

2 ali s father travels a lot he visits many foreign countries he knows two foreign languages
2.Ali`s father travels a lot . He visits many foreign countries. He knows two foreign languages.

Does Ali s father visit foreign countries?

Dose he know any foreign languages?

How many foreign languages does he know?

3 we talked about our program for hours finally we changed it
3.We talked about our program for hours. Finally, we changed it.

What did we talk about?

What did we finally do?

4 if you cant ride the bicycle the first time try again if you try hard you ll finally do it
4.If you cant ride the bicycle the first time try again. If you try hard, you ll finally do it.

What should we do when we cant do something for the first time?

5 there are many new words in this lesson i cant understand them
5.There are many new words in this lesson. I cant understand them.

Is it easy to understand this lesson?

Why cant you understand this Iesson ?

6.Yesterday Bob was very hungry. He went to a restaurant near his house. He sat at a table and ordered a sandwich.

Why did Bob go to a restaurant?

What did he order?


Structure : Word order

ترتیب قرار گرفتن کلمات در یک جمله انگلیسی

فاعل: کننده کار یا کلمه ای که بر انجام کار دلالت دارد.در جملات خبری و منفی در ابتدای جمله سوالی بعد از فعل کمکی قرار می گیرد و ممکن است یک کلمه یا گروهی از کلمات(گروه اسمی)باشد.

Example:1-(خبری) she drinks a glass of milk everyday.2-منفی)) My brother isnt absent.3-سوالی)) Did you watch the film?4-Where does she go?


فعل:کلمه ای که دلالت بر انجام کار توسط فاعل دارد.

مفعول:کلمه ای است که بر روی ان کار انجام شده است.(مفعول با فعل متعدی(گذرا)به کار میرود.فعل متعدی احتیاج به مفعول دارد.)مفعول چه به صورت اسم و چه به صورت ضمیر مفعولی بعد از فاعل یا حروف )بکارمیرود.in/at/to/forاضافه(

مفعول به دو دسته تقسیم میشود:1-مستقیم 2-غیر مستقیم1-مستقیم:این مفعول مستقیما در جواب فعل و یا در جواب سوال (چه چیز را)و(چه کسی را) قرار میگیرد.2-غیر مستقیم:این مفعول دقیقا جواب فعل متعدی موردنظر نیست و ممکن است بعد از فعل یا مفعول مستقیم بکار میرود.


1-I bought some flowers for my mother.

2-Her mother cooks dinner for her family.

نکته:اگر مفعول شی یا غیر انسانی بر مفعول انسانی یا شخصی مقدم شود مفعول شخصی بکار میرود یا for با حرف اضافه


1-Please give a glass of water to me.

2-Is he going to buy a bicycle for his son.

نکته:ولی اگر مفعول شخصی ابتدا به کار رود حرف اضافه لازم نیست.


1-He gives his mother some rice.

2-She doesn’t bring me a cup of tea.

صفت:کلمه ای است که حالت یا چگونگی اسم را توصیف میکند و قبل از اسم یا فعل ربطی بکار میرود.


1-Small car.

2-Long ruler.

3-He happy.

4-I feel fine.

1 2 3 4
قید:کلمه ای را توصیف میکند و به چهار دسته تقسیم میشود:1-قیدتکرار2-قیدحالت3-قیدزمان4-قیدمکان
  • محل قرارگرفتن قید تکرار:

.)Am-is-are-was-were(بعد از فعل کمکی

....و قبل از فعل اصلی



1-He was always alosent.

2-She doesn’t sometimes go to the cinema.

3-Does Mr. Green often eat dinner at home.

قید حالت:بر حالت و چگونگی انجام فعل دلالت دارد و با اضافه کردن پسوند به صفت ساخته میشود و بعد از مفعول یا فعل قرارمیگیرد

( ly )پسوند:

Example:slow + ly=slowlycareful + ly= carefuly

learn a foreign language
  • 1.Let`s think you are in a foreign country . If you don`t know the language of that country, you may have a lot of problems.
  • 2.Here is the story of a Frenchman who was

traveling in the United states . One day he was eating in a restaurant and wanted to order some mushrooms.


Because he didn`t know English , he asked for a pencil and paper and carefully

drew a picture of a mushroom . But his drawing was not very good . The waiter looked at his drawing and drawing was away . He returned in about twenty minutes with large umbrella.


3.Another story is about two Americans traveling in Spain . They could not speak a word of Spanish and one day , while sitting in a restaurant in a small village , they wanted to order their food . One of them wanted a glass of milk . The waiter was not able to understand . Finally , on a piece of paper the man drew a picture of a caw , and tried to show to the waiter that from a cow


One gets milk . The waiter looked at the picture a long time . Finally , he left and was away for an hour . When he returned he had two tickets for a bullfight.

answer these question
Answer these question

1.Who was traveling in the un

_ ited states? A french man

Was traveling in the united


2.What did he want to eat ? He wanted to eat some must room.


3.How did he order his food?

He ordered his food by drawing a picture of a mush room.

4.How did the american order milk?

He ordered milk by drawing a picture

of a cow.


5.What did the waitor bring him?

The waitor thought him two tickets for a bullfight.

6.Do you speak a foreign language?

Yes , I speak a foreign language.


7.Can you speak it well?

Yes , I can speak it well.

8.Is it difficult to learn a foreign language?

Yes , it is difficult to learn it.


True or false?

1.You may have a lot of problems if you learn a foreign Language.(F)

2.The french man was traveling in the united state. (T)

3.The waitor could understand him very well. (F)


4.The waitor returned in a very short time. (F)

5.The man ask for an umbrella. (F)

6.The two americans did not

Know spanish. (T)

co mpelete the sen tenses use a b c or d
Co mpeletethe sen tenses use a , b, c or d… .

1.If we don’t know the language of a foreign country , we…. .

c . May have a lot of problems.

2.The french man asked for a

Pencil and a pies e of paper bec

- ausehe wanted to…. .

b. Draw a picture of mush room.


3.The american drew a cow to show that he….. .

d. Wanted a glass of milk.

4. Bullfight is a fight between

…… .

a. A man and a bull.


1:A:Which(one)is MrsRasoulli?

B:She`s the woman with glasses.

2:A:Which (one) is MrsAkbari?

B:She`s the tall woman.

3:A:Who`s MrAmini?

B:He`s wearing a

White shirt.


Ali : What does your friend look like?

  • Reza : Well, he`s tall . He`s about 18O centimeters . And he`s got black hair.
  • Ali : Does he wear an overcoat?
  • Reza : No , he doesn`t.
  • Ali : Is he a nice boy?
  • Reza : Yes , he`s very nice.