Nowadays, people do a variety of activities in their free time. Some believe mentally challenging ga...
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Nowadays, people do a variety of activities in their free time. Some believe mentally challenging games and activities benefit their mind while others believe that it is best to relax their mind. Let us now examine both point of views in a detail and show why taxing the brain during spare time is better.

Atomic technology has provided mankind with both energy and improvements in medical knowledge for over 50 years. Although these are clearly beneficial, there are inherent dangers involved in the adoption of nuclear energy for any purpose. This essay will examine both the advantages and dangers associated with this technology and show how safe and careful implementation of this technology can reduce the threat to life on earth to acceptable levels.

3. Drugs are used for medicinal and recreational purposes in all todays’ societies. Abuse of all these drugs is occurring at an increasingly early age which many believe is as a result of poor role models in society. Let us now examine some of the causes and effects of this problem and some possible solutions.

4. English, often referred to as the lingua franca of the modern era, is studied by many people. Some say that learning it in an country which has English as it’s first language is the most effective, but not the only way to learn it. This essay will look at several ways English can be studied, and show that immersion in a language through living in a country where you must use the language, is indeed the most effective way to learn.


5. In a modern democracy, there is a responsibility of both government and society to ensure that people in need are afforded a minimum level of financial security, which is achieved through social welfare payments. While some argue that these payments are absolutely necessary , despite abuse of the system, others argue that there are alternatives to this system. This essay will discuss both sides to this argument and show that there are in fact viable alternatives and it is not essential.

6. Many people have had some experience of disorderly students having a detrimental effect on others within a class. It is maintained by some, that these obstreperous students should be removed from their classes and taught together. This essay will consider arguments both for and against this idea and show that overall, this is the best solution for those students who wish to learn in learn.

7. Over the last two decades, many of the top positions in commercial, academic and political life have been filled by women. As a result of this, some maintain that a lot of the problems experienced by the youth of today is as a result of women not being at home to look after their children. In my opinion, there are several other factors which are more responsible for the problems being experienced today, as this essay will now show.


8. Learning is a lifelong process, involving formal education and knowledge gained through experiences and situations. This essay will analyse and differentiate knowledge acquired in both these ways and show that what we learn from our experiences in life is often more relevant and therefore more significant than knowledge gained from books.

9. Nowadays, many people depend upon the mass media for both knowledge and entertainment. As a result, we let them affect important parts of our lives. Personally speaking, I believe these affects are significant in influencing our thoughts, as this essay will detail.

10. Every year, it appears that the developed countries are getting richer and the underdeveloped countries are getting poorer. This essay will look at ways the gap could be reduced if countries chose to address this issue, although in my opinion, a country’s obligations are to itself and its own citizens before it can look to help others.