the odyssey by homer n.
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The Odyssey by Homer

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The Odyssey by Homer. 350 pages 1992 (adapted classic by Globe Fearon Co.). Brief Summary. Odysseus goes to war with Troy Odysseus leaves his kingdom of Ithaca, his wife and newborn son Odysseus fights 10 years in war Troy is conquered – ‘Trojan Horse’

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the odyssey by homer

The Odysseyby Homer

350 pages

1992 (adapted classic by Globe FearonCo.)

brief summary
Brief Summary
  • Odysseus goes to war with Troy
  • Odysseus leaves his kingdom of Ithaca, his wife and newborn son
  • Odysseus fights 10 years in war
  • Troy is conquered – ‘Trojan Horse’
  • Odysseus insults Poseidon by not giving him credit
  • Odysseus takes 10 more years to get home
  • Odysseus faces many perils and tragedies before making it home
characters characterizatio n
  • Odysseus
  • Penelope
  • Telemacus
  • Zues (Supreme God)
  • Athena (goddess)
  • Poseidon (God of Sea)
  • Polythemos (Cyclops)
  • Hades (God of Underworld)
  • Circe (witch)
  • Teiresius (blind prophet)
  • Seirens (singing mermaids)
  • Skylla (6 headed monster)
  • Charybdis (whirlpool)
  • Suitors
Characterization -
  • Penelope =

(descriptions of how she stayed loyal and kept hoping for Odysseus to return)

    • Loyal wife of Odysseus
    • Mother of Telemacus
  • Odysseus = (descriptions of Odysseus’ personality traits)
    • protagonist
    • Flaw = hubris; excessive pride
    • Strong and heroic
oral reading
Oral Reading
  • “O Cyclops, if anybody asks about that unsightly eye you have there, just say that Odysseus, destroyer of cities, son of Laertes, blinded you!”
  • This passage is important in revealing Odysseus tragic flaw –”hubris” = excessive pride which leads to Odysseus’ troubles and years in getting home
personal reaction
Personal Reaction
  • I liked the book and found it to be very exciting and suspenseful I couldn’t wait to see if and how Odysseus ever reached his home. I also liked all the action and danger that Odysseus and his men faced and how they survived. The details of the settings and the description of characters was very well written and I could picture the places and what the people were like.
  • I would recommend this book for 10th graders or 15 year olds and up as the vocabulary was somewhat difficult and it was written in prose.
  • I think that anyone interested in action and adventure stories would be interested in this book
literary techniques
Literary Techniques
  • Conflict
    • Odysseus had to face many conflicts dangers in his travels to get home
  • Theme
    • Loyalty
      • Penelope stays loyal to Odysseus and doesn’t re-marry
      • Odysseus’ loyalty to his men
    • Perseverance
      • Odysseus stays strong and eventually makes it home