Open source mobile phone platform for community health
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Open Source Mobile Phone Platform for Community Health. Background. di⋅ma⋅gi : [Hindi] adj. related to the mind, smart Founded in 2002 at Harvard and MIT Media Lab Successful track record of developing diverse & innovative technology solutions for healthcare

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  • di⋅ma⋅gi: [Hindi] adj. related to the mind, smart

  • Founded in 2002 at Harvard and MIT Media Lab

  • Successful track record of developing diverse & innovative technology solutions for healthcare

  • Core-Collaborate model: Core team of Dimagi experts collaborates with >40 institutional and individual partners

  • Experience with US and Global healthcare delivery best practices spanning over 20 countries

  • Leadership in healthcare Open-Source development

  • Highly qualified team with physicians, scientists, public health experts, engineers and management consultants




Dimagi's mission is to integrate innovative technology

into global public and private services in order to improve human health and wellbeing.

We seek collaborations and partners that emphasize local ownership and open access to the systems and technologies that we support.

Creating impact through technology


Creating Impact Through Technology

  • Dimagi’s projects have been improving the quality of life and of health care around the world

  • Aware of the resource-poor areas in which it works, Dimagi also develops license-free solutions that it scales with large NGO partners in the local regions

  • Dimagi is the founding member of multiple open-source consortiums and the lead developers in many open-source projects

A Community Health Worker in a Ugandan village using Dimagi’s mobile health application to capture antenatal care data

Commcare program goals
CommCare Program Goals

  • CHW:High-quality, community-based care

    • CommCare provides modules that help CHWs perform their jobs well, and leverages mobile technology to collect data efficiently and accurately

  • Clinic / Supervisor: Coordinated supervision and management

    • CommCare generates reports on CHW activities and can provide alerts and reminders by SMS or email

  • MoH / HQ: Real-time, data-rich monitoring and evaluation and population health surveillance

    • CommCare captures a wealth of health surveillance information that can be aggregated in real-time from a distributed network




The value of using commcare
The Value of using CommCare

Community Health Worker

Clinic /Supervisor

Ministry of Health / HQ

  • Supervisor reports

  • Alerts, reminders and follow-up triggers

  • Activity reports and ability to track individual cases

  • Basic error checking and health stats

  • Data collection

  • Job Aid

  • Checklists

  • Reminders

  • Case management

  • Feedback

  • Population management

  • Epidemiologic surveillance

  • Interoperability with HMIS


  • Quality improvement

  • Protocol adherence

  • Decision support

  • Work management

  • Supervision and performance management

  • Communication among health workers / care coordination

  • Workforce improvement

  • Data consistency

  • Rapid turnaround


Current and planned commcare deployments
Current And Planned CommCare Deployments

  • Used in 8 countries and 14 public health organizations

  • Over 90,000 forms

Sample household visit form breakdown
Sample Household Visit Form Breakdown

  • Identify household

  • Basic household survey

  • Identify deceased persons

  • Identify pregnant patients

  • Identify HIV patients

  • Identify sick patients

  • Child health

Commcare hq central server
CommCareHQ: Central Server

  • All household visit forms sent to central server

  • HQ supports standard reports and custom reports

    • Available via internet or can be automatically sent out

    • Possible to connect to existing HMIS systems

  • Data collection and aggregation

  • Health Surveillance

  • Workforce management and improvement

Example reports
Example Reports

Case Activity by CHW

Submissions by CHW over Time

Proposed use of commcare in chw pilot
Proposed Use of CommCare in CHW Pilot

Data Collection Supervisor Reports Feedback Quality Improvement


- Alerts

- Activity reports

- Health stats

- Coordination






- Form Submission

- Work Management

- Activity reports



Proposed implementation plan
Proposed Implementation Plan

  • Define scope and create MOU with MOH and other stakeholders

  • Create CommCare forms based on paper process and curriculums

  • Plan Integration with existing HMIS and IT systems

  • Identify MOH team lead for CommCare design period


Planning / Set-up

  • “Design and Refine” with CHWs

  • Improve usability

  • Pre-pilot and field test



  • Run Study with CHWs during 3 to 6-month pilot

  • Meet with select CHWs bi-weekly to gather feedback

  • Provide weekly reports and feedback to all stakeholders

  • Call under-performing CHWs to understand barriers (Can’t charge phone, no coverage, etc).



  • Evaluate data for changes needed, deploy updated technology

  • Enroll next cohort of CHWs


Monitor and Improve