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Grammar Morsel 1 PowerPoint Presentation
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Grammar Morsel 1

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Grammar Morsel 1
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Grammar Morsel 1

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  1. Grammar Morsel 1 Then vs. Than

  2. Then vs. Than • Then is related to time or the order in which things occur Ex: First, graduate high school. Then, go traveling. If you eat your vegetables then you can have dessert. I was much younger then. • Than is used for comparison Ex: That puppy is much cuter than that lizard. I watch less TV than average. Have I said more than I should?

  3. Which is right? • Take out the trash. Then/Than do the laundry. • Cariann is smarter then/than the teacher. • So then/than, let’s begin! • How much more does it cost then/than you expected? • That skirt is shorter then/than the dress code allows. • That Extra Value Meal has more calories then/than the daily recommendations. • Then…than…then…than…than…than

  4. Grammar Morsel 2 Dangling Modifiers: Adjectives ending in -ing (and sometimes -ed) are called participles and must be used with care.

  5. Consider the following: • The robber ran from the policeman, still holding the money in his hands. • Afterbeing whipped fiercely, the cook boiled the egg. • Flittinghappily from flower to flower, the football player watched the bee.

  6. How do you fix these dangling modifiers? • Hiking the trail, the birds chirped loudly. • Hiking the trail, Squiggly and Aardvark heard birds chirping loudly. • Wishing I could sing, the high notes seemed to taunt me. • Wishing I could sing, I feel taunted by the high notes.

  7. Grammar Morsel 3 Run-on Sentences: AGAIN!!!!!!

  8. Grammar Morsel 4 Complement vs. Compliment

  9. Complement vs. Compliment • ComplEment is when two things go together EX: Those shoes complement that dress. Those are complementary colors. • ComplIment is a nice thing say EX: When I said you weren’t ugly I meant it as a compliment! He compliments every girl he sees!

  10. ComplEment or ComplIment? • What a nice complement/compliment! • That complement/compliment won’t get you out of the dog house! • Have some complementary/complimentary cake. • I think we complement/compliment each other. compliment…compliment…complimentary…complement

  11. Grammar Morsel 1 To vs. Too vs. Two

  12. To, the prepositionI went TO the mall TO buy a prom dress.Give the present TO Grandma.I have TO eat breakfast or I’ll die.Jasper is going TO Alaska this summer TO see some bears.YOUR IDEAS???

  13. TooThat is TOO funny!I like it when it rains, but I like sunshine TOO.Brady’s shoes are TOO small for his massive feet.YOUR IDEAS???

  14. TWO, the numberI’ll take TWO scoops and some chocolate sauce TOO.TWO can be as bad as one.YOUR IDEAS????

  15. Grammar Morsel 2 Commas

  16. Use a comma when: • Listing items in a series: • We need mushrooms, garlic, and olive oil. • Connecting two clauses with a conjunction: • He hit the ball, but ran toward third base. • To set off introductory elements: • Running toward third, he realized how stupid he looked. • To set off parenthetical elements: • Makena Beach, which is also known as Big Beach, is world class.

  17. You can also use commas to avoid confusion: For most, Krispy Kreme is irresistible.

  18. Add the commas where needed: • Lily plans to study but wants to eat lunch first. • He’s a tall dark-haired exotic actor. • In front of a crowd of people Matthew forgot the words. • I simply do not agree you realize with your argument. • F. Scott Fitzgerald the celebrated author was born in St. Paul.

  19. Grammar Morsel 3 Verb Tense Shifts: Generally in writing, you should maintain a consistent tense.

  20. Fix the tense shifts: • She caught the ball, and then throws it to the catcher for an out. • She caught the ball, and then threw it to the catcher for an out. • She catches the ball, and then throws it to the catcher for an out. • Either choice is correct. The best choice depends on the tone and mood you are going for.

  21. Fix the tense shift • I was sleeping. Suddenly, I wake up to find a gigantic spider on my face. • I was sleeping. Suddenly, I woke up to find a gigantic spider on my face. • I am sleeping. Suddenly, I wake up to find a gigantic spider on my face. • Either choice is correct. The best depends on the tone and mood you are going for.

  22. Grammar Morsel 4 Capitalization Rules

  23. Take the practice grammar quiz by yourself or with one partner, and check your results!