cracker c ynthia kadohata p ublished 2007 historical fiction n.
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Cracker C ynthia Kadohata P ublished 2007 historical fiction PowerPoint Presentation
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Cracker C ynthia Kadohata P ublished 2007 historical fiction

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Cracker C ynthia Kadohata P ublished 2007 historical fiction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cracker C ynthia Kadohata P ublished 2007 historical fiction. Hunter C arlson 6 th period. Setting.

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Cracker C ynthia Kadohata P ublished 2007 historical fiction

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This story takes place in Beinhoa, Saigon at an army base during the Vietnam war. This squadron is in a hot, humid jungle with tons of mosquitoes, leeches and booby traps around every corner.


There are several minor characters in this story, but the two main characters are Cracker, the dog, and Rick Hanski, a Vietnam soldier determined to “whip the world”. Cracker is the loveable, yet often stubborn heavy set German Shepard. Rick Hanski is a determined Vietnam soldier with get black hair. He is wants to “whip the world” and does so by saving hundreds of lives.


The conflict in this story is that Rick Hanski is trying to bond with Cracker while being an exemplary soldier, but most of all, he wants to come out of the Vietnam war alive.


Cracker and Rick end up getting along perfectly and save there entire platoon’s life during multiple ambushes. Finally, the two of them make it out of there alive.

your opinion
Your opinion

I thought this was a great book in just about every single aspect. I have read this book repeatedly and loved it each and every time. This book is historically accurate and very descriptive. One of the things that I especially like about this book is at a lot of points it triggers strong emotions.

five intersting facts
Five intersting Facts
  • Cynthia Kadohata likes to take road trips in her free time.
  • She has a bachelors degree from USC in journalism.
  • She won the Newberry Award in 2005.
  • She cares for several dogs of her own.
  • She hates carnival rides.
five questions about the book
Five questions about the book
  • How do you think the book would have ended if Cracker had died?
  • Do you think another war would have fit the setting of this book more appropriately?
  • What would another title for this book be if Cracker didn’t end up going to Vietnam?
  • Why do you think Rick and Cracker have trouble bonding at first?
  • Why do you think Cracker has such an amazing ability to detect booby traps?

Cracker gets taken away from his eleven year old owner to go and serve in the Vietnam war. Cracker pairs up with Rick Hanski, his trainer. They have trouble bonding at first, but end up being one of the best human/ dog pairs in Vietnam. They go on to save tons of lives by sniffing out booby traps, bombs, and trip wires around every corner. Finally, they make it out alive.