thermal management of datacenter n.
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Thermal Management of Datacenter PowerPoint Presentation
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Thermal Management of Datacenter

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Thermal Management of Datacenter - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Thermal Management of Datacenter. Qinghui Tang. Preliminaries. What is data center What is thermal management Why does Intel Care Why Computer Science. Typical layout of a datacenter. Rack outlet temperature T out Rack inlet temperature T in Air conditioner supply temperature T s.

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Thermal Management of Datacenter

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Presentation Transcript
  • What is data center
  • What is thermal management
  • Why does Intel Care
  • Why Computer Science
typical layout of a datacenter
Typical layout of a datacenter
  • Rack outlet temperature Tout
  • Rack inlet temperature Tin
  • Air conditioner supply temperature Ts
state of art thermal management of data center
State-of-Art Thermal Management of Data Center
  • Power densities are increasing exponentially along with Moore’s Law
  • Current cooling solutions at various levels
    • Chip / component level
    • Server/board level
    • Rack level
    • Data center level
  • S/W based Thermal management solutions – HP+Duke
thermal management of datacenter1
Thermal Management of Datacenter
  • Motivation and significance
    • Compute Intensive Applications (Online Gaming, Computer Movie Animation, Data Mining) requiring increased utilization of Data Center
      • Maximizing computing capacity is a demanding requirement
    • New blade servers can be packed more densely
    • Energy cost is rising dramatically
  • Goal
      • Improving thermal performance
      • Lowering hardware failure rate
      • Reducing energy cost
new challenges
New Challenges
  • Planning perspective: How to design efficient data center?
      • does upgrading 10% blade servers to smart ones help to reduce cost
  • Operation perspective: How to efficiently operate data center and lower the cost?
  • What’s the trade-off between utility cost and hardware failure cost
      • Overcooling: wastes energy and increases utility cost
      • Undercooling: increases frequency of hardware failures
research issues of thermal management of datacenter
Research Issues of Thermal Management of Datacenter


Other Impact








Abstract Heat

Flow Model

Power & Load


Modeling Thermal


Multiscale &

Multimodal Info



multiscale and multimodal nature of datacenter management
Multiscale and multimodal nature of datacenter management
  • Information perspective
    • Multiple system variables
    • Different change pattern
    • Different sampling Rate
  • Control perspective
    • Responsiveness
    • Control granularity (spatial and temporal level)
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • CFD simulation to characterize thermal performance of data center
  • Online measurement and feedback control system
cfd simulation
CFD Simulation

CFD real model based on ASU HPC center

two pronged approach
Two-Pronged Approach
  • Real-time measurement
  • Online lightweight simulation & prediction
different optimization goals
Different optimization goals
  • Maximizing computation capacity given energy cost constraint
  • Minimizing individual cost (computing cost/cooling cost)
  • Achieving thermal balancing