4 th generation n.
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4 th generation

4 th generation

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4 th generation

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  1. 4th generation • By: Troy Howe , Jake Carlton  , Jawan McClinton , Madison Mumbauer  • `

  2. Main Point • 4G is to deliver high-speed broadband for data- and visual-centric information. Everything before 4G is voice-centric," said Ali Tabassi, Sprint Nextel vice-president for innovative technology. Global mobile operators and device makers are betting that the next level of transmission technology will boost mobile phone use in a way that third-generation technology has so far failed to do.


  4. 4G • Our generation is about the 4th. • This is the generation that we are in now. We help all the computers and how they computer. • They all use a same microchip like Intel 4004 chip • This will be our generation until someone comes up with an idea that uses more than just that device • Like all your phone have it and use it. • This is also about people all over the have to use a computer proseser • People have been using computers for since 1971.0 =D

  5. 4G • "3G was a failure," said Kim Ki-ho, Samsung's senior vice-president for telecommunications networks. "The market did not respond, and it is already becoming an old-fashioned technology." • Others disagree. Kristin Rinne, chief technology officer for Cingular Wireless, said: "We're just beginning to hit that exponential curve in terms of data usage [in 3G]. We're going to have to demonstrate we can deliver those products and services to customers. If that doesn't happen, there isn't a need for 4G."

  6. Singapore PM: Core of 4th generation leadership not fully assembled

  7. 4G • This site is all about the 4th generation Honda Civic which was introduced in September 1987 and produced until September 1991. It was a very technical advanced car for its time, 4 valves per cylinder, double wishbone suspension front and rear and the VTEC system for the top model hatchback and CRX.It was available as 3 door hatchback, 4 door sedan, wagon (shuttle) and 3 door coupe (CRX).A wide variety of engines was available for the 4th generation Civic. From a 1.2L SOHC to the 1.6L DOHC VTEC. Top Model was the legendary SiR (VT for the European market) which was equipped with the B16A DOHC VTEC engine. • The Civic CRX and Civic Wagon (Shuttle) are covered on this site, but we mainly focus on the Hatchback and Sedan.

  8. 4G • We have got faster internet, virus free, better internet, and more. • Singapore's Prime Minister Lee HsienLoong said on Monday that Singapore has not fully assembled the core of fourth generation leadership, local media reported. According to TV broadcaster Channel newsasia, Lee said that the recent cabinet reshuffle is another step in the long process of self-renewal, and the critical task now is to identify, gather and prepare more people for the core of future leadership to assure Singapore's long-term future. Lee told local reporters at the Istana, office of the president, that there is no change to the total number of office holders in this reshuffle, adding that he is keeping some of the older ministers to provide experience and advice especially during the economic crisis. Lee announced on March 26 to reshuffle his cabinet as part of continuing leadership renewal and testing out of younger office holders for broader responsibilities. Among the appointments, Defense Minister TeoCheeHean will be appointed Deputy Prime Minister with effect from April 1. Singapore's last general election was held in May 2006 and the next general election is expected to take place by 2012. Source:Xinhua

  9. We have covered the president in the 4th generation. About the computers in the 4th generation. The technology of the 4th generation. 4G

  10. 4G • • • •